Things To Do

This is, as the name implies, simply my To Do List. Aspirations that I plan to do, will try to make time to do, or get to someday. This page is more for my benefit than that of the reader. It is my blog afterall and I need a place to dump this stuff out of my head. This page will be under constant revision as I add and take away.

  • Build a doll house with my mother
  • Start and finish Savanah’s baby book
  • Learn how to quilt(properly)
  • Start drawing and painting again
  • Scrapbook
  • Garden
  • Can and Dehydrate (kinda goes with the gardening)
  • Learn to knit(gee I wonder who could teach me?)
  • Do fun projects with the kids-crafting, cooking, etc.
  • Take a geology class-to learn more of my beloved rocks
  • Brush up on my Spanish
  • Finish up the boxes of unfinished projects that I have
  • Spend more time at the ocean
  • Take walks with my Love
  • Start Beekeeping
  • Return to my neglected yoga practice

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