The Launching of the Potato Plant Press

Today we purchased some plums at the store. Savanah was so excited stating, “I have never had these before!” In which I replied, “Oh yes you have. You just don’t remember.” 

This is what she chose, of course, for her afternoon snack. She ate her plum at the table, humming to her self while I washed up the dishes from prepping dinner for the evening.

She asked me,” Mama, did you take the seed out of here for me.”

Of course I had.

“Next time I eat one of these; can you let me get the seed out?”

Well my motherly intuition being what it is, I immediately knew what she was scheming. Being as last Sunday she rescued the cut rose, that was the first of the dozen to wilt from Valentines Day, out of the trash where I had disposed of it and promptly planted it in the yard along the back fence with loving care.  Watering it about every other day since then. It is still out there like some morbid dried up memorial to who knows what, but she is convinced it could grow.

Having all this background intel I immediately said, “No, it won’t grow in the back yard baby. Plum trees are really hard to grow.” Behind me I heard a sad little sigh.

As I continued to wash the dishes and drift off into my own thoughts- I suddenly remembered from my childhood my potato bush………………..I hadn’t thought of it in years.

One of my favorite things to do growing up was be in the garden with my Granny and Granddaddy. Sometimes that was in the big garden at their home in Coos Bay. Sometimes it was whatever Granny had that she was keeping alive in an oleo container in the travel trailer.

It was one summer when we were staying with Granny and Granddad in Montague; I didn’t realize then how tough things were I think, but looking back I remember it seemed like all we ate were beans and potatoes and that made the fresh gut wad (as Granddaddy called it) a treat. That was the summer Christy and I both swore before God that we would never eat beans again. Now there is nothing I like better than a good pot of pintos.

One afternoon when Granny was fixing supper, she found a half rotten/half sprouted potato in the cabinet. She cut the good half off to use for our supper and was going to pitch the top icky half in the trash. That is where I proceeded to beg her to let me have it so I could plant it and grow potatoes. We went around for a few minutes while she tried to explain to me why it wouldn’t grow. After I didn’t give up she probably figured it was easier to give it to me and have me be occupied for however long a half of a half rotten potato would buy her.  With that she said something along the lines of, “Fine. Take it and get out of the kitchen till supper is done. All you girls, out of this kitchen. It is a beautiful day outside and you are missing it. Now get.”

So out the back door we went. That would be Christy, Heather and I. I remember Heather and Christy sitting in the grass, very bored, watching me plant the potato. Christy saying, “Hurry Up.” …..because we did have other things to get to. Such as-counting earwigs (there was a huge colony under the dog house). Playing Barbies under the rose bushes and sticking rose thorns in the Barbies in any way we possibly could as body ornamentation(they made great earrings). Walking Brandy. Pestering Granddaddy at whatever chore he was up to (because like us, he was always up to something).

I planted the potato piece and watered it maybe a couple of times. I stuck it in the ground in the yard in a spot I picked just because there was no grass growing there. I don’t think I really tended to it at all. Maybe Granddaddy did when no one was looking.

Fast Forward……..

We went home to Phoenix at the end of the summer. The next time I talked to Granny she told me on the phone all about my potato plant that grew record amounts of potatoes!! The plant got so big she took Granddad’s picture standing next to it and it was almost as tall as his waste. She said they got bushels and bushels of potatoes off that one plant.

I have been wanting to have a blog page for quite sometime but never having the free time to do so. I just recently put it on my list of things to do after my up coming move when hopefully I will have more time to take care of the things I love…  But I have too much to say (as my family will attest) in the mean time so I have pushed it forward. I have been searching for a good name for my username and thus the name of my blog site.  I know of several people that have such good names but nothing came to mind for myself.

I stopped washing dishes and suddenly and turned around. So sudden, I startled my daughter. I think she thought she was in trouble for something for a split second.

“Yes. Yes, you can have the seed from the next plum if you want it, baby goose. Remind me next time and you can have it.”

She smiled.

So I finished washing the dishes and throwing the soup in the pot for dinner and rushed back to the PC so I could get it all down before I lost any of it (motherhood causes short-term memory loss you know).

The Potato Plant Press.



  1. jean crowe said,

    June 15, 2011 at 5:47 AM

    This spring I noticed something growing in my compost corner. I now know it is potatoes! I have put a fence around them. How wide should I make the protection?
    Bye the bye…I love the quilt reference next to the name and e-mail boxes.

    • July 22, 2012 at 4:34 PM

      Under the soil, The potatoes could spread quite a ways especially in the compost pile because it is so much more loose than regular soil. You can dig new (baby) potatoes when the plant blooms and then when the tops start to die back then you dig them all up. Some of the best produce I have grown has come out of my compost pile as a volunteer. Squash and cucumbers are notorious for that. Good luck!

  2. June 19, 2011 at 4:12 PM

    This is the first year we’ve done potatoes. We’re growing them in a container and I keep joking that its my “potato tree!” Its bigger than anything else in the garden. Hope it actually produces potatoes!

  3. Sherrie (Cheryl) Suserud-Smith said,

    July 22, 2012 at 1:35 PM

    Your Mom told me about your blog and how entertaining it was – and you were such a good writer – you know – your Grandmother Milly was a very good writer – and I have been known to write some dozzers – so the talent has been passed to you – and YOU are better ! ! Keep up the good story telling – think about keeping all the copies of everything you write – it just might make a wonderful book someday – even if just for Savanah. Love and MIss you guys ! Aunt Sherrie

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