James Vernon Varga (which is how he is listed in my iPhone BTW)

I just realized that today is June 6. D-day. Today is the day that we buried my great-grandmother, Big Granny, Neva Varga, in the year of our Lord 1991. And I married Keith Miller in 1992. And my Great Uncle Jim passed from this life to the next in 2014.

This, really, has not statically been a good day for me. I don’t have stories of the beach at Normandy, but I do have stories of my Uncle Jim’s top secret security clearance during the war and when he used to chase me down and eat my croaker sugar. For those of you that do not know what croaker sugar is; I feel sorry for you because I do and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

He had the best laugh I have ever heard and he laughed all the time. He always had a joke to share or a story that may have been sad or funny; either way he put his positive spin on it. Maybe that’s where I get it from.

I have so many memories and so many stories that start with Uncle Jim……