We are each here for our own reasons….and Toilet Paper.

I have been through a lot of shit in my life. Words do not even begin to describe the sagas….

I have been contemplating this lately. I suppose everything comes in a big circle. I am thankful that I have learned SO much in my first circle in this lifetime that the second and third and maybe even the fourth are much easier to digest. It almost seems like old news. I truly feel like I can handle most anything. I have been through about all of it. And I am still here. Even when everything seems so overwhelming…really it is not because I will still be here. I know that. I feel like this was my lifetime learn the lesson of material wealth. It has come and it has gone just enough to make me very aware of its existence.

The universe has taken me so close to the very bottom and so close to not having to worry about it; several times. I now know that I can endure no matter what. And I have. Despite the other souls that have been placed in my path. They have their own lesson to learn.

 I have always been told that I have an old soul. That I was here to guide others. I have heard this since I was a child. From many sources as a child that should have been too young to know what this meant. But I did.

 I am acknowledging that I have been guided as much as I have guided. If I have guided at all. I really do not know. But at this point I feel that I have most certainly been the one to learn a lesson.

 I can endure. No matter what. No matter how good or how bad.  



On an off subject:


Today my great Aunt asked me, “Shannon, Why do you switch the toilet paper roll whenever you come over?”

I have no good politically acceptable answer for this:

At first, I was even a little shocked and said, “Did I switch your toilet paper??” because I am not even conscious of it!!!

She answered,” Yes.”

Me-“This time or the last?”

Her- “Both.”

Me, slightly embarrassed-“I am not surprised. I tend to do that ( I suppose). I did not even realize that I did it this visit. The only excuse I have is that I am conditioned. My dad always taught me that wire should feed off the top. And so should fishing line. And tape. And rope. And toilet paper. I am sorry. Do like yours to feed from the bottom? Because I can’t seem to help myself.”

So apparently I am neurotic. And I randomly change people’s toilet paper without conscious knowledge of it so it will feed from the top. Leave it to my Aunt Siggy to notice it. If anyone would, she would.  

She is a phenomenal woman who has been through more shit than I……