My neeewwww camera




My wonderfully fantastic husband got me the most awesome camera for Christmas. I have not even begun to learn how to work everything on it. It is fancy! But it does take awesome pics. Just thought I would share a few…













Clam Beach

Photo of the Day

On the hOmefrOnt

The uppercase O’s don’t really mean anything. I just thought it looked cool.

 I haven’t posted a blog for quite a while. Not that I haven’t been getting anything done; I’d like to think that it is because I have been so busy getting so much done that I haven’t had the time to blog. Or something like that. Being sick for a good week didn’t help.

I seem to be in a photographic slump. First, we are out of batteries. I really need to invest in a rechargeable battery system to use. I go through quite a lot of batteries. I managed to scrounge up a couple this evening because the rainbow

was too spectacular to pass up.

And the lilacs are blooming which I have been looking at for quite sometime now thinking that I should take a few pics.


But it seems that all the phOtOs are not exactly what I want them to be lately. Just nOt quite right. TOO much flash. TOO dark. NOt fOcused quite right. NOt centered. *sigh* 

 So none of these photos am I very happy with.

Aggravating. Frustrating. Infuriating even.

I considered putting a descriptive block on each photo stating what was wrong with it.  But that would only bring me down on the photos and myself more and bore the crap out of you, the reader, so I passed. That being said, please enjoy my crappy photos.

Things are growing in the garden.

The parsnips are getting big. Having never grown parsnips before, especially over wintered in a green house versus sowed in the spring, I wasn’t exactly sure when to pull them. Research proved the best time to pull them (in the spring) is when they are about three feet tall on top. So I pulled out my trusty redheaded measuring stick,

and sure enough they are about three feet tall. Pulling the big ones is on my tO dO list in the next day or two. Hopefully they are not woody.

Got the tomatoes in the ground, 

and the eggplant,

and most of the peppers (still have a six-pack to get in).

Along with a bunch of other stuff that I took crappy pictures of, so I am not going to show them to you.

The chickens are doing splendidly. They are eating everything in sight, as chickens do. I cut the bolting tops out of the swiss chard and fed to them along with every scrap I send out of the kitchen. 

Little did I know that the neck strap on my camera was VERY interesting when I squatted down to get some up close shots of them. They are hypnotised by it swinging back and forth……watch closely little chickens….you are getting sleepy…very sleepy…. and when you wake up you will want to lay an egg.

Wishful thinking. We won’t have eggs til at least August. Probably more like October. But I did have a talk with them about it none the less. I am not sure if I should type in my blog how I really talk to them. Some of you would laugh and others perhaps would be offended. Maybe some other day.

The chickens like it.

The darker ones are more fond of me touching them. This one especially. I think that this is my redhead but I can not really tell anymore.


I just wanted to get some good shots of them today since they were being so funny.


Or I should say that I always find them funny.

This, by the way, would have been the best shot of the day, but as you can see, it is nOt. 

Fast little boogers.

April Sunrise

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March 18, 2011