October Writing Journal

Here are a couple of excerpts from Savanah’s October Writing Journal.

We thought that this one was a very good likeness!


And this one made my heart smile. I love the mystery hand dropping candy in her bucket. We don’t care who they are-as long as they are throwin’ out the candy.


Labor Day Weekend Tragic Boating Accident

Today members of the doll house community are mourning the loss of two loved ones. 

Yesterday, the father and baby boy were lost at sea when their boat capsized in the kio pond. Other family members made it safely to shore with the help of the search and rescue team. Alas, after dredging the pond with the leaf skimmer net; rescuers were unable to locate the missing two. They are presumed sunk in pond muck on the bottom.

There is no word as to when or if services will be held in their honor-some searchers still hold out hope that they will be recovered soon.


~Fatherly parental authorities took this opportunity to reiterate boating safety and that life jackets should be worn at all times while on the water.

No more spelling the words in an adult conversation because an almost 6 year old can spell better than I can.

“…s-k-i-n-n-e-d  ’em, skinned ’em for me. HEY! Are you talkin’ about me?!”

~Savanah-reading the Skinned post over my shoulder while I type.

Today while fishing at the lake…

Jay, “Did you see the osprey?”

My reply, “No. I was stuck in the Bermuda Triangle of children. One can’t tie their fly on the line. One is stuck on a rock out in the lake. And one has their sweatshirt hood caught on a tree branch and couldn’t get loose….all at once.”


(Taylor Lake July 6th 2010)


Why Not?

“Can I take my pajamas off and go naked?”

I stood in the kitchen taking a parental moment to ponder the query this evening. I’m sure several expressions passed over my face as I looked down on my daughter as she stood there looking up at me with happiness sparkling in her eyes.

I finally responded,”Sure, why not?”

Frankly, I couldn’t come up with a good excuse not to. When I was her age, you couldn’t keep clothes on me unless it was so cold I just absolutely couldn’t stand being without them (as a matter of fact that is pretty much the case these days). I certainly would not have asked permission of anyone before stripping down. I would have just shucked the clothes, carried on with whatever I was doing and the next time an adult crossed my path (which was usually Granny or Mother), I would evoke the usual:

Where are your clothes?”


“Why are you naked?”

Granny would usually follow it with a giggle.

I don’t know how I responded then but now I would say, “Because clothes are a hassle, naked feels so much better, and because I can.” Of course.

So my daughter went about the remainder of the evening au natural and is currently sleeping safe in her bed the same way. I figured she will put them back on when she is ready (or we have to leave the house) and we might as well enjoy it before we girls share a house with boys again.

Why not?


K-I-S-S-I-N-G……..You know the rest……..

I would like to tell you the story of Mr. Mole. Not the underground varmint kind but the beauty mark kind. Mr. Mole lived behind my right ear. Down a little by my jaw bone. It was his happy home for many years. As many as I can remember. I thought he was a nuisance but Pea saw something in him that I never did. When I would rock her, nurse her, snuggle with her or anytime that she needed to be comforted she would hold Mr. Mole.  From the time that she was old enough to hold her little hand up to my cheek. Whenever I would lay down with her she had to hold Mr. Mole. She would talk to him, kiss him and some days she would even run into the room to where ever I was; turn my head to the side just to check on him. He was her security blanket of sorts.

Then one sad day Mr. Mole was removed. I personally was quite relieved. Truthfully, I never cared much for him anyway. Pea Pod on the other hand was quite upset. It took her all of about 20 minuets after I came home to realize that he was missing.

“What happened to him? Where did he go? Did it hurt?” (this last one was more in concern for him also-not me.) She cried and we talked about it quite extensively.

Mr. Mole now lives in heaven. Which spurred a whole nother bushel of questions: “Does anyone know him there? Is he lonely without me to hold him? What if he gets stepped on by the Angels? Maybe he can fly if he gets wings too. Is Mr. Mole an angel now?”

And when Granny Cooper went to live in heaven Savanah knew she would not be lonely because Mr. Mole could now ride on Granny’s shoulder, so he would be safe even if he couldn’t fly. And Granny wouldn’t be lonely because she would have a mole. Mr. Mole.

She would frequently reflect on Mr. Mole, sometimes with teary eyes. To this day she still talks about him……….after I have forgotten, she reminds me.

Mr. Mole came up again today which is why I am now typing this before she grows up more. In case she doesn’t mention it again.


While we were loading up at Nana and Papa’s house to head home, I mentioned that we would be taking Dinah to the vet on Saturday to have the staples removed from her eye. Savanah asked excitedly,”Are they putting her eye back in?”

Papa replied, “Nope, the eye is gone for good.” (Oh boy, here we go………)

“Did Dinah’s eye go to heaven too?”

“Yes, I guess so.”

“Good. She can see Mr. Mole. I called it a she cause it came out of Dinah and Dinah is a girl so that makes her eye a girl. I hope she doesn’t get stepped on. Do you think that the angels would accidentally squoosh Dinah’s eye?”

I responded, “No. Angles float or fly most of the time in heaven.” Then the mental image was too much for me. I saw this eyeball and mole hanging out together on the street corner. Watching the angels float by. I looked over at my mother (I could see she was about to lose it also) and said,”Hey, I’m walking down here.” in my best Jersey accent.

We burst out laughing. Mom said,” I couldn’t get it out fast enough. I was going to say,’I’m looking down here!'” The laughter ensued.

Savanah continues on(she is used to us), “Yeah, they can be together. They could get married”

Under my breath,”Oh Lord, let’s hope they don’t procreate.”

Nana, “Oh no, a bunch of moley eyeballs.”

Mother and I laughed so hard that I thought I was going to pee my pants.

So Mr. Mole shall live in infamy. But at least now he will have some company in Dinah’s eyeball. I’m just not sure how Granny will feel about them both hanging around.

Gravel Road Entertainment

How come throwing rocks into a body of water of any given size is so entertaining? It is so simple. So primal. And so fascinating. For all ages.

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With a 5-year-old red head, it will buy you approximately 35 minutes.

My compass

Last night Savanah questioned me about someone in her life that has not held up his end of the bargain as far as she is concerned. As she does every so often. As to be expected.

The questions led to her wanting to know when we would be able to visit. I honestly answered, “I don’t know, Baby Goose.”

After a reflective moment she said very sullenly, “Mama, I wish you could control him.”

I just smiled at her and said, ” You can’t control other people. You can only control what you do.”

I will never comprehend how people can make the wrong choices for issues that seem so fundamentally simple. And it is the things that are the simplest that humanity seems to have the most problems with. I have made my share of mistakes but when I look into the biggest most beautiful blue/green eyes surrounded by freckles that I have ever seen (or even think of them in my mind’s eye) so many of my choices are easy to make. I suppose they are truly already made for me. I am just looking to see the way.


After typing out the last blog, I thought that I had better make a record of all the names she used to call things. Because I think that Soveway was the last in the line to become extinct. I know I really should put this sort of stuff in her baby book….but it is also on my list of things to do when I have the free time. My goal used to be to get the  baby book done before she started kindergarten. Then that was shot right out of the water. So now I am setting another date yet to be announced (sounds exciting that way).  But I feel there is hope being as this blog was on my someday to-do list……I am making progress anyway. 🙂

So here they are and I could very well possibly add to the list when they pop into my addled brain.



rumpled-up=general term to describe anything not smooth; crinkled/wrinkly

rumpled-up chicken noodle soup=top ramen

nevery mind=never mind

bury ’em up

frigerfreightor= refrigerator

blue darling= leave-in conditioner


red lemon=watermelon

orange lemon=catalope


ear pluggers= head phones, ear buds


The day SOVEWAY died

growing up......


Yesterday we were driving in the truck with Aunt Heather having the discussion to decide as to where we would like to eat for dinner. 

Savanah interjected,” I want to go to Subway.” 

At that moment my heart pained. I let out a low and sad,”Ooohhhhhhh.” Like when you see a cute lost puppy on the side of the road.   Not because I don’t like Subway. But because she used to pronounce it Sov-way and the sudden appearance of Subway means that we have out grown Soveway. That makes me so sad. 

I was more sad the day the frigerfeightor died. I love to get milk out of the frigerfeightor and we had those cool frigerfeightor alphabet magnets. It was so cute. 

And I will never forget the day she put Blue Darling in Uncle Ronnie’s hair. Blue Darling-which I am sure most of you have never heard of………When Savanah was very little her hair was very tangley. Whenever Aunt Heather would do her hair for her, she would put in the leave-in conditioner and while working it through would carry on in her best phoo-phoo accent, “Daahling, today I give you the best do of your life. I make you look so fantastic the other toddlers will be green in their pampers. Darrrrling, you look fantastic, Darling. I give you the special conditioning treatment. Do not tell the other clients, Darling, because I do not do this for everyone. You are my favorite customer, Daaahrling. I make you look so good-everyone want to be you.”…………and so on (It really looses a lot of effect without hearing Heather do it in person, trust me). 

The conditioner just happened to come in a blue bottle. Thus the name Blue Darling. It took us probably a week to figure out what she was talking about when she said she needed Blue Darling. 

So Uncle Ronnie came to visit and of course he had the Blue Darling back story already. Savanah held him hostage in her room for hours on end over the course of a week. Dolls, tea parties and the whole works. 

One day, I came in just in time to see Uncle Ronnie’s hair greased up in the front with barrettes and all. He explained simply that he was getting the Blue Darling Treatment as Savanah ran her hands through the back of his head smiling the whole time. The barrettes were quite becoming I must say. I picked up the white tube on the floor and giggled, “Ronnie, I hate to tell you this, but this is diaper cream.” 

I really liked going to Soveway to eat. I’m going to miss it.