I would just like to clarify the previous post. That was a brief glimpse inside the mind of a 12-year-old boy. I was just as confused as you were.



Theoretical Run on Sentence

“If I had a dog that I was really attached to, you know like Nova, and I had rats, I would inject them with the genes of jellyfish and lobsters because jellyfish and lobsters are genetically immortal.”

It took me a minute ,I know with the ‘Huh’ look on my face. You have to really use rdeductive reasoning skills here. Let me interpret:

If I had a dog that I was very fond of and didn’t want it to ever die and I had experimental lab rats; I would inject the lab rats with the genes of jellyfish and lobsters because they are genetically immortal to see if I could theoretically create an¬†immortal lab rat GMO-type hybrid to perfect the process before I conducted the same said experiment on my dog that I love so much so it will be immortal and never die.

“….So it would be here for my whole life and my kids and their kids….”

(I repeated this sentece in my head over and over so I could run to the PC before I lost it. lol)

So if you happen to be a dog that he is not so attached to; you are on your own. Which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your point of view. ūüôā

Wedded Bliss

Here is Savanah’s rendition of the three children at the upcoming wedding. Left to right: Isaac, Savanah, and Matthew. In case you couldn’t tell.

February Writing Journal

Ah, yes, I remember the two’s very well…Those were the days.

“You know how when you’re two and you’re all crazy all the time…..”


Art Du Jour

It seems we are entering Savanah’s impressionistic phase (I am likening it to Picasso’s Blue Period).¬† As you have you seen previously, she normally renders her subjects¬†realistically. Now lately the¬†subject material¬†is starting to take on more vague forms. But it was the in-depth explanations that accompanied the art that¬†was almost too much for me.




For those of you wondering; the black blob shape to the upper right is the alien spaceship flying away because they were scared(As I would be also).



Titled-“The Eiffel Tower In New York”

Notice the Statue of Liberty at the top left and the New York skyline in the background to the right.


Me-“This is VERY nice! But the Eiffel Tower is in Paris.”

Savanah-“I thought it was in France.”

Me-“Yes, the Eiffel Tower is in Paris, which is a city in the country of France. And the Empire State Building is in New Your City, which is a city in the state of New York in the United States of America with the Statue of Liberty.”

Savanah- “New York is in America!??”

Me-“Shocking, yes,¬†I know… but it is true.”

Phrase of the day

“Are you ear blind?”


Different Perspectives

“I like to listen to all kinds of music except Oprah.”~ Isaac

“You mean Opera.”~ Momma

“Ya, Oprah. That’s what I said.”~Isaac

“No, it is pronounced OPERA. Oprah is a talk show host. Opera is music.”~Momma

(Truthfully I don’t like listening to Oprah either.)


“My Uncle Issac drives a Mountain Goat.”~Savanah

(Boys look impressed.) Momma says, “What?!?”

“Yeeeaaa, Momma, you know it is a Mountain Goat, his new truck.”~Savanah

Trying to suppress laughter unsuccessfully, “It’s called a Dodge.” ~Momma

(Ram=Mountain Goat…Get it?)(giggle)

“Look at the front of that truck. It looks weird.”~Savanah

“It’s a vulva.”~Isaac

“It is a Volvo. There is a difference.”~ Momma¬†

(Can you say OMG FUNNY!)


These are the highlights from our weekend. I love it! I think I should have my own TV show. Who needs writers?


Out of the clear blue while walking down the street..

“The one in the back is the smart one.” ~Matthew

Puzzled…”What are you talking about?” ~Mom

“The car.”

“What car?”

“The car doing the U-turn. Didn’t you see it?”


“The guy in the backseat, he must be the smart one.”

“Ok. Why is he the smart one?”

” I don’t know.”


Party in My Tummy

“Thanks, Momma! I love Top Ramen. It makes my shoulders happy and it is like a party in my tummy. The noodles dance and some pretend they are streamers.”


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