Shannon’s new rules for 2014

New rules for Shannon in 2014( or effective immediately ):
1. There is a reason why you don’t do caffeine.
2. Stop trying to help people.
3. Don’t do anything critical or make any serious decisions after 3:30PM because later in day shannon is not as reliable as early in the day shannon… Generally but not always. Sometimes late in the day shannon is totally on her game and early shannon drops the ball but if i was a betting gal then I would most certainly put money on early shannon vs late shannon. Unless your in the market for chaos, mayhem, forgetfulness and unpredictability- then late in the day shannon is your girl.
4. Follow all rules set by shannon for shannon.
5. Stop trying to help people.
6. This isn’t fight club. (As much as you would like it to be)
7. Stop trying to help people.


Staying A Float

I recently previewed a blog that I absolutely loved!!! It is written by a GS leader. And I will add her to my blog list below. Upon reading on of her post, I felt compelled to comment as follows…

  1. “Someone just emailed me your blog to check out; so I read the intro to this post and thought to myself….Holy Over Committed Batman, this is me!!! I too am the new SU manager (in our small service unit one person pretty much does it all) by default….and I can’t say no, not that I want to, don’t get me wrong, I love it all!! and I want to do it all!! If only I didn’t need to sleep I would have so much more time to get it done!! 🙂 Thank you!! Thank you!!! for taking the time to do your blog!! there are so many great ideas here. I am thrilled!! I have a blog but have been mentally beating myself up for the last year because I have not posted recently (a year) on my blog and not because I didn’t want to. It’s on my list. Thank you for the inspiration. To blog!! For troop!! For SU!!! For moms!!!

This has thus inspired me to get my ass blogging again. I think that I should add a GS category to my blog for GS post. I can not make it strictly a GS blog because I wouldn’t be able to say things like ass. (I believed that these things (saying ass) are what makes me a better rounded GS leader. (PS- I don’t say them in front of the scouts))

Truthfully, I feel like the past year of my life has been a roller coaster ride. Most of the time I had my eyes shut and I missed it. It was all I could do to tread water and keep my head up. Lots of time I felt as if I was sinking. But you know me; I never say die; I never admit I’m down. That would be admitting defeat. Just like going to the doctor- I don’t do that- unless it is in an ambulance. J

 Case in point: I am sure that several of you have seen my recent FB post about my secret life. To fill those in that have not: In the past several weeks I have had a handful of emails and phone calls from people who are contacting Shannon Martin. Just not this Shannon Martin. But I am so busy that it takes me a few to realize that they are not trying to call me. Lol

I recently received a phone call from a very nice lady named Mary who knew my name and said that I had called her and left her a message but it was broken up so she did not know why I was calling her. I could not remember who she was or why I had called her. So I asked: Was it about Soccer? No. Girl Scouts? No. The FFA Auction? No. The Theater Club’s melodrama? No. Racing? No. My husband is Jay Martin, does that ring a bell? No.

So when I ran out of group, clubs, activities, etc. I finally apologized and said, “I don’t know why I called you. Are you sure it was me?”

 Please read her blog. This is the link to the post that I responded to. Of course ya’ll might not find it as close to home as I.

 I finally feel like I am getting my life back and getting a handle on things. I still have just as many activities to partake in plus a new full time job. But we are getting there. And did I mention that I have a great partner that I now share my brain with (sorry Claudia). So what I miss he usually picks up. Like coaching soccer. 😉

I hope that you will see more of my on my own blog.

PS- Did I mention that I would like to write a book? LMAO!! Seriously. I am working on that. And contemplating taking some college courses for skills that I need to further my career. And I have enough books piled up around here that I could read for three years straight, if I did nothing by read. Maybe if I went to sleep with a book on my face, then I could read too in my secret life while I sleep. (Wait, I already do that too.) Sigh* then there is the whole I need to go to the gym business.

So I vow to post more blogs. That really was the moral of this story.

We are each here for our own reasons….and Toilet Paper.

I have been through a lot of shit in my life. Words do not even begin to describe the sagas….

I have been contemplating this lately. I suppose everything comes in a big circle. I am thankful that I have learned SO much in my first circle in this lifetime that the second and third and maybe even the fourth are much easier to digest. It almost seems like old news. I truly feel like I can handle most anything. I have been through about all of it. And I am still here. Even when everything seems so overwhelming…really it is not because I will still be here. I know that. I feel like this was my lifetime learn the lesson of material wealth. It has come and it has gone just enough to make me very aware of its existence.

The universe has taken me so close to the very bottom and so close to not having to worry about it; several times. I now know that I can endure no matter what. And I have. Despite the other souls that have been placed in my path. They have their own lesson to learn.

 I have always been told that I have an old soul. That I was here to guide others. I have heard this since I was a child. From many sources as a child that should have been too young to know what this meant. But I did.

 I am acknowledging that I have been guided as much as I have guided. If I have guided at all. I really do not know. But at this point I feel that I have most certainly been the one to learn a lesson.

 I can endure. No matter what. No matter how good or how bad.  



On an off subject:


Today my great Aunt asked me, “Shannon, Why do you switch the toilet paper roll whenever you come over?”

I have no good politically acceptable answer for this:

At first, I was even a little shocked and said, “Did I switch your toilet paper??” because I am not even conscious of it!!!

She answered,” Yes.”

Me-“This time or the last?”

Her- “Both.”

Me, slightly embarrassed-“I am not surprised. I tend to do that ( I suppose). I did not even realize that I did it this visit. The only excuse I have is that I am conditioned. My dad always taught me that wire should feed off the top. And so should fishing line. And tape. And rope. And toilet paper. I am sorry. Do like yours to feed from the bottom? Because I can’t seem to help myself.”

So apparently I am neurotic. And I randomly change people’s toilet paper without conscious knowledge of it so it will feed from the top. Leave it to my Aunt Siggy to notice it. If anyone would, she would.  

She is a phenomenal woman who has been through more shit than I……

In my head…

Could be a scary place to be…

I have had the constant thought really to post song lyrics at the beginning of my posts. Truthfully I have songs running through my head at a constant rapid rate. Call it the sound track of my life. It doesn’t stop. Or I don’t know how to stop it. Really this ranges anywhere from Johnny Cash, Lefty Frizzell, George Jones, Kris Kristofferson, and David Allen Coe to Anthrax, Iron Maiden, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, the Pointer Sisters, Jane’s Addiction, Allman Brothers and Grand Master Flash. There is NO rhyme or reason. Blame it on my upbringing. Which was as eclectic as I am. Which seems to make me comfortable in most environments and with most people but most people don’t seem to be comfortable with me…go figure. Quite the paradox. 

Either way it seems to need to be let out.

My Granddaddy would understand.

Tonight has been brought to you by Hank Williams Jr. and Johnny Horton.

(Very haunting and angelic ‘ooooo,oooooo,ooooooo’,)
The snowflakes fall as winter comes & time just seems to fly,
Is it the lonely missing me that makes me want to cry?
My heart is sad like a morning dove that’s lost its mate in flight,
hear the cooing of his lonely heart through the stillness of the night.
Whispering pines, whispering pines tell me is it so?
Whispering pines, Whispering pines you’re the one who knows.
My darlings gone, Oh she’s gone, my baby’s gone and I need your sympathy,
Whispering pines send my baby back to me.

Enter at your own risk. My head that is…

New Years Resolution

This is a post that I have been meaning to post for some time.

I would like to announce that I have fulfilled my New Years Resolution for last year. I successfully used up all my address labels with my old name on them.

Woot! Go Me!!

Unless some crafty not for profit do-gooder organization decides to send me some without my permission and they have not heard that I have a new name yet……I’m good!

So glad to get rid of that baggage. Too many address labels just bring you down.

Now I will have to come up with a new resolution for this year…..right after I do my Christmas cards. (Please see previous post)

Easy as Pie

Yesterday, we (Me, Davie, Savanah, and Isaac) went cherry picking. It was a bit of a let down being as the first tree did not have that many cherries on it and the second tree had been chopped down.

I told Davie, “She said she chopped her cherry tree down so we can’t pick cherries.”

Davie replied, “Is she lying?” (Which I thought was classic and I wished I had thought to asked the woman that!!)

We got just enough cherries off the one tree that I was able to make one pie exactly. Well, If you don’t count the necessary sample tastes of the cherry filling as it cooked down to add more sugar and whatnot to make sure that it tasted good. Anyway…

I am not very good at making homemade pie crust. It is one of those things like gravy. Someone can teach you how to  make it but there is a knack and it requires a little bit of luck. You must practice and pray. The more you do it the better you are at it. And then sometimes even the most experienced gravy makers have a batch that turns to crap. No warning.

Gravy I can do. Pie crust I have not practiced as much at. I used to use the Jiffy brand pie crust in a box. But I don’t buy Jiffy any more because they use GMOs in their product. Then I switch to Pillsbury refrigerated pie crust – which is great – but I’m sure not good for you also. I am trying not to use processed foods anymore than …than I’m not sure. But the more you can cut them out the better. Right? So plain old shortening it is. I would rather have lard. Then it would have to be from a hog that was raised without hormones, antibiotics and grass fed. Really there is just no end to it. Unless you grow it or raise it yourself; you are pretty much taking your life into your own hands. Right? Or it is out of your hands. Or something as similarly confusing.

I had planned on doing a lattice topped pie. Traditional cherry pie top. Alas I did not have enough crust to make the lattice. I am sure I did have enough I just did not roll it out properly. So I improvised and went stellar instead.

Ok now onto why I am really typing this blog. It is to bitch about things. I just lured you in with the whole pie bit.

WordPress is pissing me off. Either it is a pain in the ass or I am not smart enough to work it. Probably the latter.

I used to type my blog posts in Word and then cut and paste them to the blog. It was easier to type in Word since WordPress changed my dashboard layout and the typing window is smaller. I can not see enough of what I am typing at once. Any advice on how to enlarge this window?

Now WordPress will not let me cut and paste from Word. Any advice on how to do this too?

Resulting in blogs that I have typed in Word and now can not transfer to the blog. You may never see them because I am not sure that I will ever retype them.

Would any blog guru out there please offer advice to me.

To gald or not to gauld …

My Granny commented on my Atticus post that she thought that gaulded was galded. She is probably correct because I am terrible at spelling.

So I looked it up. Both forms of the word to try to find it. = nada

Webster’s (our manual copy) = zilch

Random House (my huge unabridged copy) = zero

I stuck out. No spell check would say either way. They just said, “Huh?”

Google search……took some time. Then bingo! I found it.

and the correct spelling is….(drum roll please)……galded. My Granny was right (she usually is). says:

rubbed to the point of rawness
billy’s balls were galded from walking in tight shorts all day.

And there you have it folks. Billy would know.

Bon Voyage Mi Prima Favorita

For those of you who do not know her, my cousin Christy is more like my sister than a cousin. We are only 2 months apart in age and grew up together. We were inseparable from the time we were babies. And at times we fought like sisters – close anyway.

In our adult lives we have not always lived close to one another. The past several years she has lived in Georgia and I farther west. Even though we go months without speaking (because her life is as hectic as mine, we both have three kids now), we are never far apart. I feel her next to me always.

This morning she arrived in Belize. Yes. Belize. The country. She has officially moved to Belize. Christy has always been a dreamer, but this dream came true for her. They have planned it for quite sometime and done lots of research. Then they sold off all of their worldly possessions and took off in search of a better life. One that is less hectic, more quality, less commercial, more special, less superficial, more enteractive….with the world and not the television.

Already she has declared to me several times in the 36 hours since they left the states that her children are having a hard time adjusting to the food differences. They have real food there. No McDonald’s. No Taco Bell. I think that it is wonderful that her kids are going to be introduced to life closer to….I’m not even sure what to call it…..not closer to McDonald’s, that is for sure.

Our society is so corrupt with the McDonald’s mentality. It is really a shame. And the majority of us don’t even realize it. We are sucked into it. Then stuck like lab rats.

I commend her for leaping off the edge of the maze table into the unknown below and making a break for it. (In my head I see the rats escaping from NIMH with the help of the valiant mouse, Jonathan Brisby.)

She has her fears as any sane person should when taking a leap of faith. I told her worse comes to worse, you come back. So what?

We have seen each other probably three times in the past ten years and somehow knowing that she is in Belize seems so much father away than before. And I seem to miss her more. I feel a void now that was not there before. As if somehow her essence was contained and held to me by the borders of the United States of America. (Pondering – I wonder how I would feel if she was in Puerto Rico? Hmmm.) I console myself with the thought that I might possibly see her more now in the furture……..with Belize as a lure. Who can say no to that? It is Belize with tropical waters, sand, coconut trees, sea shells. Need I go on?

Note to self – get passport soon and get bikini ready.

cookies, the devil virus and everyday

It seems like it has been forever since my last post. February 11.

A lot has happened in 30 days. Girl Scout Cookies have taken over my life, the flu from hell and the end of winter drags on…

Let us start with the flu from hell. Something like this had to only crawl from the depths of fire and brimstone… least that is how I felt with a fever of 102.5. I could practically smell the sulfur from my sick bed. Everyone in the house has had it…save Matthew….who has managed to scathe by unaffected (fingers crossed). I have started wiping the light switches, door knobs and other various frequently touched surfaces with bleach water about every other day. Speaking of which today is the day, excuse me; I have a date with a hot soapy bleach rag.

 Okay. I’m back.

Girl Scout cookies have taken over my life. Slight under-statement. I recently told a close friends, “This is me, ‘Cookies, cookies, cookies, blah blah, cookies, cookies, blah, blah, blah, cookies, cookies, yadda, yadda, blah, cookies cookies….blah.’” No kidding.

Cookies have become a form of currency at my house. Example – “I will pay you with a box of cookies if you unload all the cases of cookies in my truck.”

Cookie season ends March 18 and then I anticipate my life to return to normal. At least the normal level of chaos that I am accustomed to at this point.

We have had two days of absolute beautiful. This has only succeeded in giving me spring fever just in time for the snow that is supposed to start tonight. In the mean time, I did do some garden clean up. I was planning on planting peas…alas, I was occupied (at a cookie booth) and did not get it done. But the clean up went well. And the garlic looks great. Of course. Ahhh garlic. There are also sprouts of baby chinese cabbage, kale, mustard green etc. that I sowed months ago and are now coming up. Except it has been so long ago that I’m not exactly sure what some of it is.    ?

The chickens have kicked into high gear. Eggs, Eggs, Eggs and more Eggs.  Fresh Eggs anyone?

My hair is freakin ass long. It is to the point that it is just plain long and it is starting to get on my nerves and something must be done soon. Nothing extreme so I do not want to read any hate mail about don’t cut your hair whah. I just need some help. HELP!? August is a long way off. Today I actually put a little braid across the front like I’m 17 or a hippy or something just to keep it out of my face. Help.

I just thought I would give a little excerpt from my average day: Mom, do you have anything that will explode when I shoot it? No. Why not? Shoot your brother. I wish.

Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone!!! I am off to bake Irish soda bread. What’d you say? Week early??? – ptthhhssss.

I am Scots – kiss me anyway.


Springful Thinking

I ordered my seeds this morning. YEA!! I always have really good intentions about what and how much I am going to plant. We’ll see how much really manifests this year. Picked out a couple of things that I have never grown before. Stay tuned.

Yesterday was soooo nice in the morning. I went out to the garden and pulled some weeds from around the garlic which is coming up nicely. Shoots are about 4-6 inches tall. And pulled weeds from around the microbaby kale, radishes and chinese cabbages of various varieties that I don’t recall exactly what I planted. Things are starting to pop up that I sowed in the ground couple months ago.

There is a spot all ready to be turned over and have potatoes put in the ground thanks to my husband and boy children. They moved the compost pile that was there to a new location to finish cooking so that left a lovely bare patch of dirt.

My stupid chickens finally decide to get with the program and lay some eggs again. We have been babying them. They now have a red heat lamp on all the time and a fluorescent bulb that comes on for four hours after dark to give them more daylight hours. I have three dozen eggs to sell today and will probably have another dozen by the end of the day. That is not counting the ones that I keep for us to eat. Of course I am sure that I don’t make enough off the eggs to cover the electricity needed to create the spa-like atmosphere.

Now they are all fighting over the ONE nest they deem worthy of using, which is not even one of the nest boxes. It is a corner that they have picked out. There is always someone carrying on and squawking to use it next. High demand. Yesterday there was such a commotion when I was in the garden that I actually walked over to see what the problem was. One hen was literally sitting on top of another hen on the nest. Guess the first one wouldn’t move quick enough. So I need to clean out the coop…okay I need to have my kids shovel out the coop so I can rearrange put down some new straw and see if that makes anyhen happier.

Oh Brother.

I should finish weeding the garlic but I probably won’t today. It is not nearly as nice out there today. Yuck.

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