Staying A Float

I recently previewed a blog that I absolutely loved!!! It is written by a GS leader. And I will add her to my blog list below. Upon reading on of her post, I felt compelled to comment as follows…

  1. “Someone just emailed me your blog to check out; so I read the intro to this post and thought to myself….Holy Over Committed Batman, this is me!!! I too am the new SU manager (in our small service unit one person pretty much does it all) by default….and I can’t say no, not that I want to, don’t get me wrong, I love it all!! and I want to do it all!! If only I didn’t need to sleep I would have so much more time to get it done!! 🙂 Thank you!! Thank you!!! for taking the time to do your blog!! there are so many great ideas here. I am thrilled!! I have a blog but have been mentally beating myself up for the last year because I have not posted recently (a year) on my blog and not because I didn’t want to. It’s on my list. Thank you for the inspiration. To blog!! For troop!! For SU!!! For moms!!!

This has thus inspired me to get my ass blogging again. I think that I should add a GS category to my blog for GS post. I can not make it strictly a GS blog because I wouldn’t be able to say things like ass. (I believed that these things (saying ass) are what makes me a better rounded GS leader. (PS- I don’t say them in front of the scouts))

Truthfully, I feel like the past year of my life has been a roller coaster ride. Most of the time I had my eyes shut and I missed it. It was all I could do to tread water and keep my head up. Lots of time I felt as if I was sinking. But you know me; I never say die; I never admit I’m down. That would be admitting defeat. Just like going to the doctor- I don’t do that- unless it is in an ambulance. J

 Case in point: I am sure that several of you have seen my recent FB post about my secret life. To fill those in that have not: In the past several weeks I have had a handful of emails and phone calls from people who are contacting Shannon Martin. Just not this Shannon Martin. But I am so busy that it takes me a few to realize that they are not trying to call me. Lol

I recently received a phone call from a very nice lady named Mary who knew my name and said that I had called her and left her a message but it was broken up so she did not know why I was calling her. I could not remember who she was or why I had called her. So I asked: Was it about Soccer? No. Girl Scouts? No. The FFA Auction? No. The Theater Club’s melodrama? No. Racing? No. My husband is Jay Martin, does that ring a bell? No.

So when I ran out of group, clubs, activities, etc. I finally apologized and said, “I don’t know why I called you. Are you sure it was me?”

 Please read her blog. This is the link to the post that I responded to. Of course ya’ll might not find it as close to home as I.

 I finally feel like I am getting my life back and getting a handle on things. I still have just as many activities to partake in plus a new full time job. But we are getting there. And did I mention that I have a great partner that I now share my brain with (sorry Claudia). So what I miss he usually picks up. Like coaching soccer. 😉

I hope that you will see more of my on my own blog.

PS- Did I mention that I would like to write a book? LMAO!! Seriously. I am working on that. And contemplating taking some college courses for skills that I need to further my career. And I have enough books piled up around here that I could read for three years straight, if I did nothing by read. Maybe if I went to sleep with a book on my face, then I could read too in my secret life while I sleep. (Wait, I already do that too.) Sigh* then there is the whole I need to go to the gym business.

So I vow to post more blogs. That really was the moral of this story.



  1. Aunt Beth said,

    September 30, 2013 at 5:55 AM

    Jeff and I were just talking about what a crazy year you’ve had……it all started about this time last year to be exact. You made it through and came out better for it. I pray from here on out it’s a little smoother. I miss your blogs too 🙂

  2. LOIS C. RUSSELL said,

    September 30, 2013 at 8:26 AM


  3. Claudia said,

    September 30, 2013 at 8:42 PM

    Always so glad to hear from you. Glad things are getting better.

    Funny when you said ass, I was thinking, you better not do the blog, then you acturally confirmed what I was thinking.
    Your partner is lucky to have you. I do miss sharing brains though. And when you get done with all your books, I have a large bookshelf full of books I’m going to read when I retire. (hope my eyes last). You must write a series of books. That’s got to be the reason for your interesting life. Remember, it’s never to late, and you can have several careers in your life. Go for it!!!

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