Easy as Pie

Yesterday, we (Me, Davie, Savanah, and Isaac) went cherry picking. It was a bit of a let down being as the first tree did not have that many cherries on it and the second tree had been chopped down.

I told Davie, “She said she chopped her cherry tree down so we can’t pick cherries.”

Davie replied, “Is she lying?” (Which I thought was classic and I wished I had thought to asked the woman that!!)

We got just enough cherries off the one tree that I was able to make one pie exactly. Well, If you don’t count the necessary sample tastes of the cherry filling as it cooked down to add more sugar and whatnot to make sure that it tasted good. Anyway…

I am not very good at making homemade pie crust. It is one of those things like gravy. Someone can teach you how to  make it but there is a knack and it requires a little bit of luck. You must practice and pray. The more you do it the better you are at it. And then sometimes even the most experienced gravy makers have a batch that turns to crap. No warning.

Gravy I can do. Pie crust I have not practiced as much at. I used to use the Jiffy brand pie crust in a box. But I don’t buy Jiffy any more because they use GMOs in their product. Then I switch to Pillsbury refrigerated pie crust – which is great – but I’m sure not good for you also. I am trying not to use processed foods anymore than …than I’m not sure. But the more you can cut them out the better. Right? So plain old shortening it is. I would rather have lard. Then it would have to be from a hog that was raised without hormones, antibiotics and grass fed. Really there is just no end to it. Unless you grow it or raise it yourself; you are pretty much taking your life into your own hands. Right? Or it is out of your hands. Or something as similarly confusing.

I had planned on doing a lattice topped pie. Traditional cherry pie top. Alas I did not have enough crust to make the lattice. I am sure I did have enough I just did not roll it out properly. So I improvised and went stellar instead.

Ok now onto why I am really typing this blog. It is to bitch about things. I just lured you in with the whole pie bit.

WordPress is pissing me off. Either it is a pain in the ass or I am not smart enough to work it. Probably the latter.

I used to type my blog posts in Word and then cut and paste them to the blog. It was easier to type in Word since WordPress changed my dashboard layout and the typing window is smaller. I can not see enough of what I am typing at once. Any advice on how to enlarge this window?

Now WordPress will not let me cut and paste from Word. Any advice on how to do this too?

Resulting in blogs that I have typed in Word and now can not transfer to the blog. You may never see them because I am not sure that I will ever retype them.

Would any blog guru out there please offer advice to me.



  1. vic said,

    June 28, 2012 at 3:37 PM

    I think it’s a beautiful pie.
    Unfortunately, I’m just an “analog girl in a digital world”. so I can’t help you with the other delemma.
    May the force be with you.

  2. July 5, 2012 at 10:31 AM

    that looks phenomenal

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