Lazy Morning

My one objective for the day today was to get out in the garden early before it got too hot and plant pumpkins and butternut squash.

At 6AM I rolled out of bed to go and let the chickens out because I couldn’t stand to listen to them complain about being cooped up anymore. It was very cool and overcast so I decided that I would have lots of time to plant today with this bit of cooler weather.

With that thought I went back to bed and dozed for a while longer thinking I could have a lazy morning and just hang out.

At about 9:30AM I realized this is what my lazy morning consists of:

After dozing for a while longer – get up and open blinds.

Lay in bed and stare at my phone checking email, FB, Pinterest and Craigslist ads for a bicycle.

Get up, put cup of hot water in microwave to make cup of tea. While water is heating (2 min) empty dishwasher and make bed. (This, by the way, is a metal race.)

Drop tea bag in hot water cup, think to myself that the inside of microwave is kind of starting to get yucky, which I have been noticing for about a week and have not acted upon this prompting as of yet. So put glass measuring cup in micro to boil water and steam crud.

Start load of laundry. Fluff and fold three loads of laundry that come off the line yesterday. Put clothes away.

Eat leftover scrambled eggs and salsa from yesterday with half of an avocado for breakfast.

Sit at table and sort through seed basket to pick out seeds to plant today.

Put cup of water #2 in micro for second cup of tea. First take out measuring cup of hot water and wipe out microwave.

Brush teeth. Insert contacts. Moisturize face. Realize that it is now raining and I can not go to the garden. *sigh* or hang up wet laundry. *sigh*

Metal note: check weather on phone while laying in bed for those 30min of a lazy morning.


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  1. granny said,

    June 22, 2012 at 11:51 AM


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