Garden Log Stardate 05102012

It has been busy busy busy business as usual around here. I figured it was about time I posted a blog. I was in the garden for a while this morning and needed a break so I thought I’ll take pics of the garden and break for lunch.

The lilacs are blooming.  That means that spring is really here…till it changes it’s mind again.

We have two lilac bushes in the yard. Granny Cooper loved them. And Aunt Beth does. And so do I.


(Have you ever noticed all the weird crap in the background of my photos? Seriously. That is why I usually zoom in so you can’t see this stuff. Case In Point – mattress pad and wet suit hanging over lawn chair with a dolly. Dont’ ask.)

I did get the pots on the front porch planted. I had my minions to help that day.

If you could sleep standing up, this is it. She hopped up when I came around the corner to make it look like she was not sleeping in the sun. But she is fading again fast.

Mr. Martin did get the entire outside of the greenhouse garden area tilled up. The potatoes are in the ground. I planted four kinds this year. The blue that were so good last year, blue fingerlings (experiment) and two different types of red. I picked two different types of red so that we could taste test and see which ones we liked best for planting next year. Which I have in the mean time forgotten which end I planted which at making the whole thing completely pointless. With the exception that I hope to still get potatoes.

 We have a lot of herbs out front. These are the new chives that PopPop gave me (Don’t they look pretty!). Lemon Balm in the background. The Johnny-Jump-Ups literally jumped up over the past weekend. Irises that Nan donated. And there is the succulent of some sort blooming in the right foreground that I stole off of a rock (don’t tell the authorities) down by Somes Bar while blackberry picking.

Things in the green house are looking great. Porn Star Garlic is thigh high.

Can you see my little wine cork row marker? I would like to thank Pinterest for this wonderful idea. Maybe I can actually remember where I plant crap now that I have most of it marked. The only problem is that now I am out of wine corks. *Gasp*  You know what that means. *Smile*


Broccoli Babies.

Three kinds of peas. Snow peas in the front and Shelling Peas in the back….alas the Sugar Snaps did not come up so hot. Only two. Boooo. I keep watering them though just in case. Then a tid-bit of Broccoli-raab in the back left.

The Parsnips with a couple of rescued red lettuces as their neighbors. The lettuce was relocated from the wrong side of the tracks.

The Parsnips have made a gallant return. If you recall my parsnip story from last year the outcome was not so good. But they reseeded themselves and they look like they are on their best behavior so I let them be. I had to thin them out considerably. We will see how it goes this time.  ?

What is that behind the parsnips?

 Oh, that would be my irises. This is becoming a serious issue. I am harbouring flowers in the green house like fugitives. These poor things have been smashed up against this plastic for two years now, waiting for a place to call home. There is now double the amount as when they were abandoned there to fend for themselves.

Like these little helpless poppies that are hiding next to the swiss chard that I am letting go to seed. This was my fav swiss chard from last year. The flavor was just so much better than the other varieties. Soooo I am going to let it go to seed this year and save the seed. That’s the plan anyway. Meanwhile, the poppies are like the Anne Frank of the green house.

One of my upcoming projects hopes to be building a flower bed along the edge of the garden to put the wayward flowers in and also perennial edibles, such as rhubarb. Yum.

Here is this year’s edible row of swiss chard which were all volunteers from the previous year’s crop going to seed. As a matter of fact, I have murdered 100s of them this year. These are the lucky ones.

Official lettuce bed. Bronze Arrow (did not come up as well) in the front, Arugula in the middle and Slow-Bolt green leaf in the back. We had the first thinned out plants in the salad for dinner the other night and it was awesome! I hate spending so much money for lettuce at the store. What a rip off. I’m so glad that now we can start eating from the garden.

Chinese Mustard Greens in front and Kale in back.

There is quite a bit in the ground that is not impressive to look at yet. Romaine, Cukes, Squash, Beans, Carrots, Radishes. *Sigh* I can’t remember what else. Yet there is still more to plant.

Flower starts that Savanah helped with need to go in. Plus more beans, pumpkins, melons, dill, cucumbers, basil, cilantro, sunflowers, okra (Yes, I am going to give it a go in the mountains. It is probably not going to like it at all and be a total waste of my time.), hollyhocks,  butternut squash, zukes, patty pan squash, beets, turnips and tomatillos. Don’t forget tomatoes and peppers. You will be happy to know that my indoor seeds have survived (well most of them anyway) and are doing very well. The first time in my life that I have successfully started tomatoes and peppers from seed. I will give credit to Mr. Martin because they probably would have died without him being here.

I have to say I don’t think I have ever seen anything piled up like this on Victory Garden.   ??? (They don’t have a wet suit either!)



  1. Aunt Beth said,

    May 11, 2012 at 5:28 AM

    WOW!!!! You have been busy! It looks great and tell Jay it really looks good all tilled up around the greenhouse. I hate this hormone thing because for some reason this is making me teary too. I miss ya! Kiss Nova…:)

  2. Eleenie said,

    May 11, 2012 at 5:34 AM

    I love those blue pots on the porch steps, they stand out really well!

  3. Vic said,

    May 14, 2012 at 8:42 AM

    Beautimous! Great work all around! I’m loving those blue pots through my teary eyes, too! You’re just missed everywhere, girlfriend.

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