Family (a word that really does not convey enough)

I have the most remarkable family. You may think that your family is special, no offence, but my family is a horse of a different color.

( Here is where I could go into a bunch of one-liners; in-laws and outlaws etc. etc. Only, that is the truth as far as my family is concerned, not just a catch phrase.)

This past Sunday I ran away from my house and went to my Uncle Jim’s house for an hour and a half and two beers. Uncle Jim was always one of my favorite uncles. I have so many. Uncles that is. I love to listen to his stories.  I have always loved to listen to my elders’ stories. I have always prefered them to children. While in my twenties I hated children. I was that mean lady at the grocery store that has sparked playground folklore. (That sounds like someone much older than in their twenties.) I suppose that is why I have a 97-year-old pen pal. No joke.

Anyway………where was I? Oh yes. My family.

My Uncle Jim. I try to get up to see him and my Aunt Siggy not as often as I should. There are lots of things that I do not do as often as I should. During this particular visit, he talked of his armed forces service (which I will save for another date) and how he met Aunt Siggy.

I found/find it fascinating.

I even recorded him speaking on my phone. Don’t tell him. He may sue me for recording him without his knowledge. But I simply could not take notes fast enough on my notepad phone app. I now regret that I did not record from the beginning. I missed some good stuff.

All of this got me to thinking that I should so write this down. That I should interview my whole family for info and write it all down. (big ambitions. that’s me). I have already been regretting recently that I did not pick my Granddaddy’s brain more while he was here about more beekeeping knowledge among so many other things. (pause while I can not type with tears blurring my vision).



I will be trying to find time to type about my elders and the things that I have learned from them (that would be my knowledge, that way they can’t sue me.) (ha! just kidding.) (they still might sue me) (remember the outlaw thing) (you’re right they would just have me killed) (or kill me themselves. it’s cheaper) (just kidding!!!)(seriously….I couldn’t resist) (it is like a SNL skit live in my head.)(oh boy).


Did you know that Uncle Jim had Top Secret clearance in the 50’s in Berlin? He was one of only 5 US military personnel in Berlin at that time that did? Stalin’s valet was an informant. (silence please.) (Am I allowed to be saying this? If I disappear, you know why.) He also woke up one morning and thought he had been in a knife fight only to find out that he had been tattooed on both arms? (heehee) He has been through Check Point Charlie more than anyone else I know. Aunt Siggy was embarrassed/scared to be seen with him on their first dates in Berlin because he was American.

My Uncle Jim:

My Big Granny called him James Vernon. He whistles everywhere he goes. From inside my Granny’s house you could hear him coming down the street whistling. I would run and hide anywhere I could as fast as I could. When his feet hit the back porch he would stomp his feet like a monster and I would know that my time was almost up. I would squeal and scream while running from one spot to another. Then, I would try to breathe as quietly as I could so he wouldn’t hear me. The back screen door would creak open and his head would pop in. He would say, “I…..Smell…….Croaker Sugar…………………..I smell croaker sugar!!!” Until he located me and held me down and proceeded to chew all of my sugar off my neck and rub his whiskers on my throat.

I have so many stories. So much family. Outlaws. I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Stay tuned. More to come.




  1. Ain't least said,

    May 4, 2012 at 4:58 AM

    In so glad you are getting some stories from him! Give him a hug for me.
    And im glad you think we have a great family. Not exactly conventional ….

  2. Vic said,

    May 4, 2012 at 12:34 PM

    Love it !

  3. GRANNY said,

    May 4, 2012 at 8:24 PM


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