Kids and Such

The kids are doing great.


Isaac is most certainly 13 now. His phone is his life. If you need him for anything, just text him.


Matt is having fun no matter what he is doing.


The racing season is getting ready to get under way full swing. Woot! The last race was a bit of a let down so everyone is ready for the next chance.


Savanah is playing softball. Well actually we have only had practice thus far. Opening day and pictures were canceled due to, you guessed it, rain. We will see if we get to make the game on Thursday but don’t hold your breath. It is supposed to rain.


Girl Scout cookie sales went well. The troop did excellent. Savanah was only 13 boxes away from her goal of 300. We talked about doing some door to door on the last day, but it was snowing (gasp, shock) so we stayed home and she said she was good with that. So was I.


All three had absolutely fabulous report cards this trimester. What is a trimester you ask? Our school system has gone from the traditional two semesters and quarters to three trimesters instead.


We all went for ice cream (in the pouring rain) for a great grades treat.


The boys both made Honor Roll this trimester and Matt was last trimester also!! So Matthew has been honor roll all year so far!!!


It is shaping up to be a busy (as usual) spring/summer. We will be traveling and having traveling guests. I can’t wait. You know I work best under pressure. So now I have a goal/deadline to get the inside of the house painted. I should say rest of it painted. This is it. I am really going to do it.


This summer, there will be racing (of course), Girl Scout camp and activities, and Neil Diamond just to name a few.


Come on warm weather!!! Where are you?



  1. Vic said,

    April 1, 2012 at 4:16 PM

    Here, Momma, ticks and all.

  2. GRANNY said,

    April 13, 2012 at 8:06 PM


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