Fall winds down

The garden is winding down for the season. I have not been very diligent about blogging recently. *Sigh* Just don’t seem to be in the mood. I think I need some of those light therapy glasses. I think I am mourning summer and have really had to force any sort of motivation. Not that I haven’t accomplished anything recently. I don’t think that is really in the realm of possibilities around here.  I just have not been accomplishing as much as I would like to (never happens anyway) and I’m not very enthusiastic about any of it I’m afraid. I’m still killing snakes (as Claudia would say), I just seem to lack that snake killing gusto.

In the garden I am working on pulling out all the dead summer veggies – tomatoes, squash, etc. I did get a bunch of garlic in the ground. Planted some greens that hopefully will come up inside the greenhouse. The soil temp is still warm enough for germination, if it just hold out a little bit longer. There are about 50 million (rough estimate) baby swiss chard coming up volunteer from where it went to seed this summer.  

And I did pull up all the parsnips. I think some will be edible, somewhere like caveman clubs, and one in particular was so straight and pointy and petrified that Matt made me cut the stem to about a length of three feet and the children now fight over who gets to throw the spear in the yard. *big sigh* Live and learn on the parsnip front.

I do have one pic for you. The purple potatoes are so wonderful and absolutely beautiful. They have the best flavor. Sweet. Creamy. Starchy. We will be sad when they are gone. 












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  1. Vic said,

    December 4, 2011 at 2:58 PM

    You’re not alone in the seasonal funk. When the dark and drearies set in and come every day by 5pm, it’s hard to be gleeful and motivated. Hang in there sister, it’s time for another work of art on that Cmas tree!!

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