October 1

Today was the first day that it resembled fall. As if Mother Nature knew that today was October 1st. It was overcast grey and windy.


Everyone really just wanted to stay inside.


The chickens didn’t mind.


Especially when Savanah and I threw all the apples that were undesirable from under the tree into the pen for them.


We picked an entire bucket from the tree. Which barely seemed to make a dent in what is still on the tree.

I then filled the crock pot with apples to cook down for apple butter. Which barely seemed to put a dent in the bucket. And I have a big ass crock pot. As a matter of fact when I bought this crock pot, Issac (that would be Heather’s Issac) made fun of me because I was so excited that it would hold two whole full sized chickens. I have said it before and I will say it again….it is the small things really that make me happy.

In addition to fruit; the vegetable siege continues.


I missed a couple of days picking squash. Those of you that have grown squash know what this means. You get mutant huge squash. Which I think I will try to make some sort of cream of squash soup with these patty pans. They are the size of a small plate. The zukes are probably going to the chickens.


There are still more tomatoes.


and more


and more.


I also pulled some of the carrots. They look awesome. I put some in the soup that I made for dinner. Along with a couple of the bell peppers.

 I harvested the onions.


Yes, this is them. The entire harvest. Just so you know that there are quite a few failures out there amongst the tomato/squash jungle.

But they were the perfect amount to chop for dinner as garnish for the soup. YUM!

This is my closet. I thought I would share. Not at the fact that it is crammed to the hilt and I can barely get clothes in and out.


But something more interesting…


Look closer…


He greeted me this morning as I was getting dressed. Everyone really wanted to stay inside today.




  1. Aunt Krazy said,

    October 3, 2011 at 8:44 AM

    Sigh. I love your fall pictures and stories.

  2. Vic said,

    October 3, 2011 at 8:48 AM

    No spiders gonna hide in here! Most excellent!

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