We are still alive and well

Hello out there! Yes, we are still alive here. I am way behind on blogging. I have a tablet full of posts that just need to be posted. I thought I would catch you up on all the news that is news and then work on posting the others that are more in-depth sometime in the very near future (fingers crossed on that near part). Several people have told me that they missed seeing my blog posts lately. I have to say that I have missed posting my blog posts lately.


It has been a very busy summer. To say the least. School just started on Wednesday morning – Praise The Lord. I know that we were all ready for it though some of us will not admit it.


The boys have raced all summer gathering new race tracks experience under their belts. Savanah was abroad for 6 weeks making stops  in Arizona and Missouri. And all the stuff that I was supposed to accomplish did not get done. *Sigh*


The garden is looking great! I believe a more accurate descriptive term would be…JUNGLE. I have pics that I took weeks ago and then never posted. Hopefully you will see those soon in the “garden” post.


I also have a “racing” post and a “back to school” post. I did manage to get “the first egg from the chickens” post done. Then there is the “I had a really bad weekend and wrote down all the complaints I heard from my family in a 72 hour period” post. Which I am now over and will run the pages through shredder when I clean out my notebook. See it is sometimes a good thing that I do not have time to post things as soon as I write them. Sometimes I just need to get them out and let them go….which brings to a new topic that I have numerous pages dedicated to in my notebook…


I have considered writing an anonymous blog. I have so many insane and socially unacceptable thoughts bouncing around inside my skull. A percentage (let’s not say how big of a percentage. Really it is just a number anyway) are so far out there in one manner or another that I could not expose my general viewing public to them. Ney Ney.


BUT – I do feel the need to release them – I have got to get them out somehow, or I’ll go Van Gough or something such as drastic, before the inside of my head becomes like a bouncy house at a 9 year olds birthday party.


I already have several entries written to post. Alas, if I do post them you will never know or read the said material.



On to more babbling.


News Bullets:


v     I finally got a new phone, so no more absent O’s. Yea!

v     I am considering submitting an essay to the  Ladies Home Journal essay contest.

v     In the jungle garden, some of the tomatoes are seven feet tall.

v     Alaskan cruises are at an all time low price wise. Not that I’m going. I just thought I would mention it being as they keep sending me brochures to torture me.

v     I’m pretty sure I have decided to sell my truck. I need to see what I can get for it. I have this impending feeling of doom that has been growing for a while. I think I need to listen to my gut and get rid of it before something serious happens to it.

v     I settled with one of my credit cards and the account is now considered paid in full. WOOT! That leaves me with only one more account to recon with. Then after that one, it will be the end of my debt and financially baggage from my previous life. Can I get an Amen?

v     My Granny was here from Texas and I am really bummed that I did not get to visit with her very much. We were on the way out the door, headed to the surface of the sun Fontana CalSpeed Kart Track. I only saw her in passing. *Regret*

v     I am in love with the idea of owning/driving a VW bus. Don’t laugh- I am serious. *Giddy Giggle* Seriously. Not only are they badass & I have always loved them; they get like 30 miles to the gallon and you can fit like 30 people inside of them at once + the dog + all the stuff to go with 30 people and the dog. Besides the chickens all think that it is a fab idea.

v     I am going to be a Girl Scout leader. Yes, you heard me correctly. It may shock some of you as it still does me at times. The first Brownie meeting is September 14. We (Sav and me) are excited!



I guess that is it for now.


Adios Muchachos!



  1. Claudia said,

    September 2, 2011 at 7:09 PM

    I am impressed! Look at all the subjects you addressed in such a short blog, “very good”. I agree, sometimes it’s better you don’t get a chance to address things, they sometimes go away, which is usually “a good thing”. You approched this build-up of blogs in the same manner you told me to attack my pictures for my albums, which I still have not touched, but enjoy the orginizer you got me when I dust it. Learned advice from an “ole lady”, wipe that tablet of blog info off!! You are the only one that knows about it anyway, when it’s “wiped off” you will suddenly be caught-up. Then a BIG smile will come on your face, because the bricks will be removed. Try it, you will like it, love you.

  2. Vic said,

    September 7, 2011 at 6:38 AM

    Amen, Muchacha!!!!!! I so enjoy your babbling!

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