Garlic Harvest and Other Things

The garlic was ready to come out of the ground. This is the garlic that I planted in October. Which was the first time I have ever planted garlic in the fall versus the spring and I think that it did much better. Out of all the plants only two of the littlest were just now starting to send up flower buds. So I left them in the ground just so I could watch them bloom and smell them. There is nothing like having the air perfumed with the odor of garlic. Ahhhhhh……

This was the prize winner (notice how I refer to my own stuff as prize winners. It is beginning to be a pattern. That would be in my own private competition in my head. The Fair of Shannon. Shannon State Fair. Etc. Etc.)

Let me just add that if I had not taken this picture myself, I would swear that was my Mother holding the garlic, but no, wait, it is my hand.


Nova likes garlic too.






This is the first little mess of snow peas I picked the other day. I have actually picked more since I took this pic. I took part of these pics about a week ago with the very good intention of posting a blog then. Alas, it did not happen. So I am merging two blogs so to speak. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone. (More of me being behind. Ug!)


The smallest tomato plant has the largest tomato. Hmmmmmm. Need a stake.






This is the dirt where I finally planted cucumbers (two kinds) and squash (two kinds). Finally!!! I mean it is the end of June for Pete’s sake!! Pete is pissed! (For those of you who do not know Pete, he hangs around with that good-for-nothing Shirley a lot.)

 Parsley and Carrots.


This is one of the eggplants. The leaves don’t look so hot. Something ate the crap out of them. They are now putting on new leaves so we will see how they do. Blooms look great.






This is one of my six Fresno Peppers. Similar to a jalapeno. I did not like the looks of the jalapeno plants at the nursery so I went with these.



I love the contrast of the pepper right next to the white bloom in this shot.



Bell peppers are setting on nicely also. This is the prettiest one.


Red lettuce and fennel in back ground. This red lettuce is a new variety for me. Called Mascara (thought that was right up my alley). Is suppose to be slow to bolt and they were right. It is the last in the green house to still not have bolted. I highly recommend it. Hopefully I have not just jinxed it by saying that.


Romaine is picture perfect. I see Caesar Salad in our very near future.


Potatoes coming up and looking good. Getting a good if not late start. They are just coming up.

It made me feel better when I read an article a man wrote about his Grandfather who was a Irish immigrant. His name was Patty (not really. I just made that part about the name up) and he ALWAYS planted his potatoes after the 4th of July (the rest is totally true). He said that by then, your risk of disease was less (warmer, drier weather) and the potato bugs had already established their home on someone else’s potato plants. So we’ll see how it goes – the fact that I am waaayyyy behind in planting everything – more so than I have ever been.


 I was chatting on yahoo IM with my Granny (Yep. My Granny chats. She’s all cool like that.) and told her how big my swiss chard was. She said she had never seen swiss chard six feet tall. And that is a feat being as I thought that she had seen everything this gardening in the lower 48  world has to offer. She is my gardening idol. So here it is. My huge swiss chard that has bolted.  The peak of the green house is probably about seven feet tall.  Now normally, I would jerk it up and get rid of it once it bolted but everyone I have talked to in this part of the country has assured me to leave it in and cut it back later this summer to return in the fall and be great again. Time will tell. I’m not sure if theirs’ is normally six feet tall or not?

Mean while, back at the farm…..oh sorry, that just came out… Mean while, the tallest one in the background of the pic did get pulled out because it fell over and tried to take out some of the pepper plants across the center aisle. Adios chard! The chickens loved it! And it was big enough they all had a space at the trough chard. There was no fighting.

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  1. Claudia said,

    July 1, 2011 at 9:50 PM

    Beautiful pictures, looks like I am reading and looking at a gardening book. Have you ever thought of writting one? You and Granny could get your heads together and it would be a good one. Looks like fun.

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