Summer Chickens (vs. Spring Chickens)

The chickens have been out of the pen a couple of times to cruise the yard. (Tour de Yard 2011. )

Everyone had a great time – including me.

I was able to just sit in the grass and photograph the chickens as they milled around. The first trip out was quite comical (again my point of view on just about anything chicken(except getting chicken poo stuck on my shoe, not really fun)).

“Hey guys look! I see something over here.”

 “What the hell is it?”

“Can we eat it??”

“No….Then move on ladies….”

(It’s a milk jug. Why it is in the yard I cannot say.”)

‘Quick! over there…….”

“Let’s eat this instead.”

I was online looking up chickens trying to figure out what kind of chickens I actually have. When we bought them, eight are supposed to be Americanas (which lays green shelled eggs – which is why we picked them) and the other eight are Golden Laced Wyandottes.

This one below looks just like the pictures of the Brown and Red Americanas. So I guess if these eight spit out green eggs then we are spot on. They are also much more eager for human contact. They love to be pet and listen intently to me when I talk to them. (So sometimes when I am very exasperated in the house because NO ONE is listening to anything I say; I simply go talk to the chickens. They listen no matter what I say. Unless a bug flys through the coop, then the attention spans go out the window.)

These lighter ones were suppose to be the Wyandottes, along with the two big white ones that turned out to be roosters not hens. (more on roosters later)

Where was I?… oh yes, Wyandottes, They don’t really look like the pics online of the Golden Laced Wyandottes. First of all you can see that the one in the pic above on the left front is not golden at all (more below on her also). Second, they all have the feather tufts on their cheeks. None of the Wyandottes I looked at online have tufted cheeks.  ?   And the roosters are white. Which could be the White Laced Wyandotte or the Silver Laced. Except they have tufted cheeks also.

 Anyway, all these last pics are of my favorite as far as looks go. I think she is so pretty. I kept saying that her feathers look like a pheasant. During my online search I think I figured out that it is called ‘partridged’. referring to the coloring pattern. Such as barred, laced or penciled. All of which I had heard before but partridged was new to me. As if I am a chicken expert. NOT.

You can see in this pic that the color around her legs is smoke gray. That looks a lot like the Blue Wyandottes I looked at online. So maybe she is a Blue Partridged Wyandotte. ( I have aspirations that I am correct and that this breed is very rare and chicken breeders and enthusiasts will travel from far and wide to see my prize Blue Partridged Wyandotte hen. They will also pay me gobs of money to breed her with their stock and to simply get a glimpse of her beauty. On second thought maybe I should enter her at the county fair this summer and list that as her breed and see if anybody gawfs at it.)

 But I have to say that the reason I like her the most is because with the cheek tufts, she always looks like she is running realllllly fast in photos, even when she is standing still.

Like a stunt chicken or something. (My prize winning Blue Partridged Stunt Wyandotte)

Back to the roosters. I have two. Which is always an issue if you have more than one. So I will have to do something with one of them. Either find a home for him or kill him. They are laying chickens so not very meaty. I don’t think that he would be very good to eat. And then which one do I pick? One is bigger. One is smaller. I liked the big one because he has a more magnificent tail. Very pretty. But the smaller one crows. Or tries to crow I should say. Cut the guy some slack. He is adolescent and going through puberty. His voice is changing. Seriously, it is hysterical (again, could just be me.) Jay laughs too. It is so funny. Sounds like a party horn gone wrong. Very wrong. Though he has actually has improved in the couples weeks since he started.  Now he is at least getting some tone variation going on. Where at first it was just this horrible out of tune honking that kind of died off at the end. I am going to try to get some video of this. It is too good!



  1. Aunt Krazy said,

    June 25, 2011 at 8:26 AM

    I love your chickens. And your chicken stories.
    I vote for keeping both roosters. They’ll get their pecking order in line in a little while. One will beat up on the other until the beaten one gets a gut full and then whacks back at the agressive one and gets him in place. Just like your dad and uncle in days of old.

    AND yes, enter the blue partridged tufted-cheek stunt wyandotte in the fair. Who could possible not give you the ribbon for her? She’s gorgeous. From one chicken lover to another.
    Love you so much!

  2. Vic said,

    June 26, 2011 at 8:02 AM

    Butch says they’re a more colorful bunch of hens than you ran with here.
    I think they are lovely ladies. My fav is the smoky legged one. Stunning evening wear!

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