Home Again

We made it back from the wedding trip/elopement/vacation. Whew! Today is the second day home. Yesterday I was so tired but not sleepy. Like the walking dead. Even after going all day yesterday, I had a hard time falling asleep last night until after 1:30AM. Just so tired that I literally could not sleep. Whatever kind of sense that makes. So today I have been worthless. I laid in bed and actually watched a movie. But still could not nap. Ridiculous. I swear.

The trip was so much fun! We had a blast. We (Jay and I) are so glad that we decided to do the elopement thing. Weddings are for the birds. I know that everyone is waiting to hear all about it. And never fear; I will talk all about it. But tonight as I sit here sipping the last of the spectacular bottle of wine I bought on the wedding evening with dinner, 2008 14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon, I would rather talk about something more exciting, speaking of birds…..the peeps!

Have I mentioned how adorable they are? I had to get a peep sitter to chicken-sit the peeps while we were gone.

Before we left they were getting a little to rambunctious for their small box that they were rapidly outgrowing. They had taken to roosting on top of the feeder and waterer…

And sneaking out a couple of times if we were not careful…

“Hey, what the heck is going on out there (outside this box) ?”

Jay did come in the back door to find one perched on top of the box and quickly hop back down when spotted as if nothing could be proven without evidence. Jay then proceeded to build the ultimate cardboard chicken condo complete with a couple of roosting perches so the peeps would be safely contained in our absence. Our chicken sitter is not a really down on the farm kind of person and while the metal image I had of him coming into the house to feed/water the peeps finding that they had escaped their small box to overrun the house in complete un-abandoned chaos made me laugh out loud….it was really not a funny scenario.

Peeps survived completely contained just fine.

Yes ,that is how much they grew in one week. Amazing. The chicks that were struggling to roost on top of the water jar are now as tall as the water jar. I think that lighter one is part eagle.

Nova is still standing gaurd…as best she can that now they are located on the back porch again (they started on the back porch and then we had a night that got down to 29 degrees. So now they are bigger and are able to take the cold better and being as it is not quite that cold now (but still cold-where the hell is mother nature-the old hag must have taken off for the freakin Bahamas this year or something!)).

Next time, I’ll talk about the wedding. I promise. Or maybe not. I really don’t know. (*giggle*)


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