…..so back to that accountability thing….

…haven’t really been able to blog much lately. Oh, trust me I have had plenty to say just not any time to type it. So let’s see where should we start. ..

The boys had their first race of the season on this past weekend. It was actually the second race but the first was canceled due to the continuous crappy weather that we keep having. Both the boys took second place in the main events (Yea!). They are racing in separate classes this year, no more racing against each other, at least for a couple of years.



Nova is still on constant full alert chicken monitoring. It is really a tough job; let me tell you. If these pictures showed her little tail nub waggin’ back and forth at nine-hundred miles an hour, you would be laughing as hard as I am. Trust me.

Needless to say the peeps are getting bigger….. I really love them. They are starting to be curious about the world outside the box and stare out/up at us when we (mainly me and Nova) are staring down/in at them.

We have only lost one out of seventeen. We bought sixteen. But after one died and now I (and others with counting skills) count them, we still have sixteen….so there must have been an extra….or something like that.  ?   There is one with a reddish head that lets me pet it more than the others. It’s like a little Shannon protegé in a chicken form. What a cutie (of course)!

That is her under the light (kinda hard to tell that her head is more reddish when under a heat lamp). My Granddaddy always named all of his chickens. So I guess I might name this one The Red Head (which is what he named me).

Garden report: (this is the accountability section remember) I was trying to decide if I should do a separate blog post with the garden report, which I would like to do, but being as I can not guarantee that I will have time to do another post soon, I am just cramming it all in here now. It’s the only way to be sure (blogs and nuking aliens you know). I have been a busy bee. Let’s see, what have I done since the last time I blogged but haven’t had to time to post a new blog about it? (Does that sentence even make sense?)

  • I started seeds in six packs of: four kinds of tomatoes, eggplant, parsley, bell pepper, and various hot peppers.
  • Direct sowed carrots and more parsley.
  • Weeded-tons. Porn star garlic is looking great btw.
  • Turned over another bed which the napa cabbage and bak chio (they are already started in pots) will go into in the next day or two.
  • Kale that over wintered is starting to bolt so I cut the tops out of it and am nursing it along (and eating it) hopefully until the newly sprouted kale is ready to start picking on, which is highly doubtful. I considered ripping it out and was going to and replace it with direct sowed fennel (never grew fennel before) but the thought of going with out kale for several weeks depressed me especially now that the winter spinach is gone and the spring spinach is just now coming up.
  • I bought some more seeds at the store, where a nice elderly seed shopping gentleman flirted with me and then bought fennel just because I was. Hey, I was being nice and helped him find some snow peas (no hidden meaning here) and also online. I ordered all my seeds from Territorial Seeds this year. Versus the normal Burpee (sorry Burpee) which is sort of a family tradition thing. But Territorial is a family owned business (Burpee was like a hundred years ago but is not now really). And I really like Territorial’s mission statement and they are located in Oregon (which is practically local for us) and they invite anyone to come up and visit their farm where they grow as much of the seed themselves as they can. And they have a much wider selection of organic seeds than Burpee does (sorry Burpee).
  • Snow peas and snap peas are coming up and I will be transplanting them in the next day or two. I know lots of people say that you shouldn’t transplant peas but I have and do. They are fine as long as they don’t get too big in the pots (thus the next day or two).
  • My Granny was right, the cabbage is bolting. So I will either attempt to transplant it (the ones that have not bolted yet) outside the greenhouse where it is cooler or simply rip it out. Via con Dios cabbage.
  • Bunching onions are coming up, spinach is up, radishes are up, red lettuce is up, romaine is not up, beets are not up.
  • Next need to plant fennel, get seed potatoes in the ground, start more tomatoes, transplant seedlings and I can’t remember what else at this moment because it is late and I am tired. Stay tuned.

Savanah lost her first top front tooth (this makes three total). The tooth fairy will be swinging thru (yes, I know that it is technically through and not thru but I don’t really care) our neighborhood.  Just in time for the wedding pictures. Did I mention that we are getting married in one week?


So I’m getting married in one week. I am also getting a cold sore. And a few hives.

Time to feed the peeps. Night all.




  1. GRANNY said,

    April 14, 2011 at 8:09 AM


  2. Vic said,

    April 14, 2011 at 6:43 PM

    Wow, that was lots of info in one short session. And you’re getting married in ONE week. I’m so excited. Abreva!….. go buy a tube of Abreva at the drugstore.

  3. kr said,

    April 15, 2011 at 9:59 AM

    I love your peeps. I love your garden. I love you.

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