Finally something that resembles spring

As the title states……finally something that resembles spring out there. I am soooo happy.

The hummingbirds are going ballistic at the feeder. There were eight or more fighting it out last evening for the hierarchy. I snapped a few. Might I add that the fighting began when Mr. Martin refilled the feeder late yesterday afternoon. I measure the sugar and water when I fill the feeder.  Mr. Martin simply dumps the sugar in the feeder and fills it up. Needless to say it is much sweeter. He is like the crack dealer of the hummingbird world in Scott Valley. And the hummingbirds have joined the ranks of the children in regards to the fact that they prefer what Dad feeds them versus what Mom feeds them. Truthfully I feel that I just get a bad rap. No one ever gives humus a chance over Cherry Coke. So unfair.

This past weekend marked the first race of the 2011 season. It rained all weekend. Mom was cold and damp and grumpy. But the boys did get some practicing in even if the race was canceled…

….to be rescheduled at a later date. Go Martin Race Team!

In the garden: the seeds are sprouting for Napa Cabbage, Bak Choi and Kale. They will need to be transplanted soon. MY new birthday composter is working quite nicely. Mr. Martin assembled it, filled it up twice with the compost pile that has been growing since last summer, mixed it, and dumped it twice. Being dumped where I hope to throw in some seed potatoes very soon……so YES! The composter works GREAT! (heehee)

The stray/neighbor’s cat has taken to crapping/pooping/sh!t!*g in my freshly turned over lettuce beds. Now mind you I am not one of those so called “cat haters” but this could mean war. Just ask the slugs.

I killed my first mosquito while sitting at my desk typing this very blog. Little bastard. That’ll teach ’em.

(That concludes our hate section of the blog. Mosquitos and cat poo.)

Opening day of Baseball/Tee-Ball is on Saturday with team pictures and the boys have their first games of the season. Savanah will have first game on Tuesday. Today was the first Tee-Ball practice. It was so warm. I think the high was 64. Woot! No seriously….we (well me) all thought it was wonderful with the sun shining and I actually was breaking a sweat in my long sleeves sitting in the sun. The entire Tee-Ball team was complaining….”It’s sooooo hot!” “Can I have a drink?” ” When is practice over?” and so on and on.

I did plan ahead and apply sunblock to my face and neck but note to self….make sure to apply sun block a little lower tomorrow AND add 50 gallon drum of sun block to shopping list because the summer season has officially started for redheads.

POOO! Sunburns….POO!

Tonight; I will be baking a cheesecake for Jay’s birthday tomorrow. So he will officially be older than me once again…….Happy Birthday, Love.



  1. Vic said,

    March 31, 2011 at 6:39 AM

    Ooooooooooooh! What a cool composter! Awesome, I’m so envious!

    Good luck on the cat habits…..I do know they move fast when hit with a spray bottle or (my fav) the water hose set on “stream”.

  2. Claudia said,

    March 31, 2011 at 6:34 PM

    I was just telling someone yesterday, I think Shannon didn’t ever get over 7 min. in the tanning bed. Looks like that hasn’t changed. Love the birds!!!!

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