Garden Log: Stardate 03202011


Savanah helped me in the garden. We got the old spinach out and in its spot we sowed bunching onions and radishes.  Then where the carrots came out, we sowed new spinach and beets. Savanah planted the beets all by herself.

Savanah also started a new rock pile. All the rocks that are dug up get carried back to the back corner of the garden and stored for a possible future use.

The dog has been in trouble several time because she won’t stay out of the fresh dirt which I refer to as the lettuce bed. She has even dug a few holes. Aye, Aye, Aye Perro!! No! NO!

Then I spread out some fresh cardboard in the area where peas and beans will eventually go. You see, I am a lazy gardener. I hate pulling weeds. That is why mulch is my best garden friend. Even if that mulch is in the form of very unattractive cardboard boxes cut open and spread out ( I also have an assortment of newspaper, brown paper sacks and shredded junk mail. I love junk mail. Yes, credit card companies, please, send me your applications).

The place where the peas and beans will go is at this point fairly weed free but by the time the beans go in (6-8 weeks from now) the weeds will have had a very good head start. So I spread out the cardboard and it sits there for several weeks, then when I am ready to plant beans, I pull back the cardboard and Viola! Fresh pretty dirt that only needs to be turned over and maybe a few weeds pulled out. Otherwise, I would have to spend several hours cleaning out all the weeds before I would be able to plant anything. Foresight, it’s a beautiful thing.


I was going to go out and turn over the dirt in the spot to prep for potatos to go in.  Then remove the wire fence from around the compost pile started last summer and turn it over into a new spot right next to where it is now. 🙂 and probably spread some more cardboard love around. But when we got up it was snowing. It had been snowing for quite some time. Not a light snow. Not small flakes. But large wet fluffy chunks falling from the sky. About six inches worth. Screw that. I’m going to clean the bathrooms and give myself a pedicure.

The hummingbirds have taken to flying the length of the porch to get to the feeder so that they are out of the snow in lieu of straight across the yard. The porch runs the length of the house, like a dry runway. Hummer flight zone. Watch your heads.


1 Comment

  1. Vic said,

    March 20, 2011 at 12:41 PM

    You’ve become so efficient, Ms. “Lazy Gardener”. You must have some Capricorn influence floating around in your personality profile. Walk low and prosper in your “zone”.

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