Garden Log: Stardate 03122011

 The garden is looking good. I snapped a pic of inside the green house and realized that from afar it looks like a mess. So let us focus on the  up close segments.

Today I had some help in the form of slave labor. No, not a convict crew. Children. We pulled weeds. Of course. And they also picked up trash. My betrothed fixed me a “door” at the end of the greenhouse so now it is not necessary to walk to the far end and stoop under the frame to get in. Although the new door is awesome and I love it, old habits are hard to break and I consistently walk to the far end and stoop anyway. I have used the door once. Must work on that. Note to self: reprogram brain. My, might I say awesome, betrothed also constructed a permanent location for the compost pile in the back corner of the garden. Two thumbs up. That way the convicts, I mean children, have a great and conveniently located new place to pile all those freshly pulled weeds.

I located the irises that a good friend (they are always good friends in my book if they give you irises to plant) had given me and I had stuck along the edge of the green house to over winter. There they were. Popping up pretty as you please. Two days ago when I uncovered them from under the (arch nemesis) ground cover weeds, they were as pale as Belgian endive. But now they have had a couple of days of sun and are greening up nicely.

Approximately eight more slugs bit the dust. I hope they burn in hell, I mean, via con dios, slugs. And there are earthworms as fat as I have ever seen in my life. Need to snap a picture of one of those babies.

The cabbage has taken off. It is very happy with the longer hours of sunlight and slightly warmer weather and lack of slugs, mice and other miscellaneous vermin. Here are the three most pretty that have survived.

And up close is even prettier!

I started more seeds. Parsley. Snow Peas. UNK Peas.

Awwwwweeeee don’t they look cute. (don’t look too hard, it’s dirt) 🙂

I also got lettuce (told you so) sowed into beds. Romaine is in the foreground and Mascara in front of the existing kale in the mid-ground. And there is the broccoli-raab in the background. I cut the flowering tops out of most of them. Did some research on broccoli-raab and apparently it flowers and seeds very quickly (no kidding). So I cut the tops out and will eat them with my salad tonight for dinner. That’ll teach ’em.

Swiss Chard doing what it does best. Hangin’ out being …..chardy.

And the lovely garlic. The porn star of the garden. Here is one sexy row. (Please ignore the (arch nemesis) ground cover weeds surrounding my buxom garlic.)


And there you have it. Ta-Da!

Next on the agenda:

Old spinach is out and carrots are out. Times up. The carrots are small but I am impatient. End of story. We will be having spinach and baby carrots for dinner possibly mid-week. Then in that spot will go bunching onions, radishes,  and beets. Look out Roger Swain.



  1. aunt krazy said,

    March 12, 2011 at 7:54 PM

    Love your garden and greenhouse and your little slaves!

  2. Vic said,

    March 13, 2011 at 8:52 AM

    You’re betrothed is aces in my book. The slaves will thank you some day!

  3. GRANNY said,

    March 14, 2011 at 7:40 PM


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