Give me shredding or give me death.

I recently undertook (well actually it has been going on for some time in a large scale fashion though out the house and my life – the whole moving thing you know – not to get off on another subject – but I have done so (moved) several times over the last couple of years and each time I have purged more unnecessary clutter from my life, ultimately meaningless objects in comparison to what is truly important. I encourage everyone to purge. It is very liberating once you get over the shock, remorse and morning for your material objects.) the task to make more room in my office/craft room. Not really having a game plan in place; I just picked a spot and started condensing where ever possible.

A few days ago I busted into my file boxes. Now mind you, these are the boxes that hold back taxes, etc. Paperwork that is simply for storage; that the Internal Revenue Service says I must keep in case they seek me out but otherwise I would probably never have another use for what-so-ever.

So… I cracked open said file boxes to review the contents and was shocked to see that I had not one, not two but six years worth of paper records that I could shred and still stay in IRS compliance (It is seven years you have to keep right? Please say yes.). So I set to the task of shredding from 1997 to 2002. And setting the kitchen timer for 5 minute intervals so the children could take turns also shredding. Playing with the shredder is big time fun, in case you didn’t know.

This also all fell perfectly into my fall gardening schedule because I was in need of mulch for the fall veggies.( Another side note, I just read in Organic Gardening a few months back that some chick in Wisconsin wrote in with her BRILLIANT shredded paper mulch idea and they paid her for it! I had an outburst in the bed while I was reading, “NO WAY! That is so my and Vicki’s idea!!”)

Somewhere in the first few shredder bins full, I slowly became conscious of the feelings that were over coming  me. I had not planned this feeling when I set out on the task. The result was not my initial intention. Regardless; a sense of liberation, weightlessness and closure even!… set in with such warmth that it could not be denied. It was wonderful. The more I shredded-the more I smiled and the bigger I smiled. Had I know this three years ago I probably would have said F*@# the IRS on any one tequila soaked night and shredded every last bit of the records in one fail swoop. “Done! Victory! Victory is mine!!!” (Oh, if it had only been that easy.)

To brief those that are unaware: 1997-2002 were some of the main years with DAX. (To brief those unaware: DAX is my acronym for my Dumb Ass eX-husband. The phrase was just so time-consuming every time I said it and I feel that I have wasted enough time in my life concerning him as so the need to condense it was vital. AAAANNNND it has such a nice ring to it! Don’t you think?.).

I shred. I smile. I feel ……free-er. For some odd reason. Not that I am in actuality. In actuality I AM free. And I have been. I realize the sensation is totally mental. (Yes, I’m mental. Happily Mental.)

I also find it very gratifying and omnipotent that from part of my life that ended so horribly wrong that I had a hard time conceiving it even…..springs forth something full of life and a wondrous miracle. Happiness. And snow peas.



  1. Claudia said,

    September 22, 2010 at 7:43 PM

    I love it. I hope someday I can do that to all of that paper crape with Steve we have been through. You would never guess what the disability people have done now. And of course Gov. is exempt from mistakes.
    It’s so good to see your happiness!!!!

  2. Vic said,

    September 23, 2010 at 8:15 AM

    I’m so underpaid!!!!

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