The Arrival

We were all glad to be out of the truck and walk around.

Unloading the tail end of the Uhaul that evening just to get suitcases, essentials and various small items out of the way; a rouge kitchen chair kamikaze’d out and clobbered two of the kids on top of the heads. Isaac and Savanah were both teary eyed with lumped noggins.

The trip was hard on Spencer. Being cooped up in the truck for two days is hard on arthritic old hips. He hobbled around for a good week and I am afraid he has not quite fully recovered yet(guilt). He favors one hind leg all the time. He takes nose dives off the stairs of the porch because inside he is still a young dog and he could clear them in one leap. It breaks my heart.

He fell in the koi pond right off the bat.

I heard one of the kids yell,”Spencer fell in the pond!”

I thought, ” Oh brother.” As I walked out to take a look.

When I cleared the porch, I could not see him in the water and the water was still and calm. I panicked then thinking he was under and rushed the rest of the way over to find him cowering in the cattails clinging to a rock on the side with his front paws. He had given up trying. The sides are so steep he could not climb out. And I could not pull him out…so I went in after him. I got behind him and shoved up on his huge rump while Matthew pulled from the front end(thank goodness his harness was still on from the trip or we would have never gotten him out. You would have seen us on some show like Amazing Animal Rescues). Together we managed to heave his big dumb brown butt out of the water. I was wet up to my pants pockets. He has since mastered the edge of the pond. Thank goodness I really don’t want to go in again any time soon. But unfortunately now we think we have a leak in the liner; big brown dogs have big brown toenails.

I always wondered how I got the one Labrador Retriever on the planet that did not like water and was for the most part inept around it. I know for a fact that he did not jump in intentionally. He would never swim of his own accord. He fell in leaning over to get a drink. Either he couldn’t hold himself up when he leaned over too far on his old crippling legs or a rock gave way under him. He is a couch dog. Not a water dog. True blue.

Dinah could care less where we are and who is with her. As long as she has her bed, her goat and someone feeds her once a day. She is happy…in a Dinah sort of way, but she would never let us know that.



  1. GRANNY said,

    July 19, 2010 at 8:23 PM


  2. Vic said,

    July 21, 2010 at 11:15 AM

    Never a dull moment. It’s so….you!

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