I found the computer under a pile of rubble.

Well the box pile is dwindling. While the empty box pile in the yard is growing. My hands are dry and sore from the vampiric cardboard sucking every last bit of moisture and oil from my flesh (not that I had much to spare to begin with).

I can actually sit at my desk and my computer to type this blog. True, I did have to excavate the mouse from under a pile of miscellaneous but I’m not complaining. I am sitting in a room with furniture and only three, count them three, boxes present. There are no suitcases in the bedroom any longer and you can see off the front porch if you pick the right locale. Things are moving along. Except me. I’m afraid I moved rather slowly today. Wearing down. But I see a stopping place where I can putt along on the remainder at a slower pace (though I still want everything done instantaneously).

I have a notepad of chicken scratching full of the events of the move trip and first couple of days. I wanted to get my thoughts on paper before they were gone and more importantly the humorous events lapsed from my mind. I hope that once I have time to pound them out on the keyboard they are still fresh enough to enthuse me.

Time will tell.

Until then, onward ho!


1 Comment

  1. Dad said,

    July 2, 2010 at 7:27 AM

    Keep marching onward but go into halfstep. You miss too much of life if you are always in a hurry. (the voice of experience)

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