The Worlds Largest Chicken

I know you can not see them but trust me they are there………..FEATHERS.


You are gazing upon the largest chicken I have ever seen in my life. He has a lot of heart; just not a brave one.

This is him after he worked and struggled to shimmy up on the bunk bed with me. Which is not easy for him to squeeze under the top bunk with that big ol’ rump of his. He was so freaked out that he wiggled as close to me as he possibly could, panting like he had been running for his life (all the way from the living room). And when he pants; it is like you are on one of those magic fingers vibrating beds in a cheap motel (Yes, I have been on one. Why do you ask?). The whole bed shakes. And the panting is so loud that I have to turn the volume up on the television.

He finally calmed down enough to stop panting(after about 45 minutes), lay his head down on my arm and looked at me with the big brown eyes that said, “I love you, Mom.” All this because he heard something either outside or in the house that scared him. Could have been a car back firing, small fire works perhaps, any multitude of small beeping or squeaking noises…………hard to say really.

I just hope that if someone ever breaks into my house with the intent of burglarizing me or doing me bodily harm-they don’t drive a back firing vehicle, carry any beeping devices on their person, wear squeaky shoes and come armed with Black Cats……..because I would be totally on my own while Spencer hid behind me in the bunk bed.



  1. matt said,

    May 14, 2010 at 10:44 AM

    LOL!!! you are so funny Anyway do I detect some blond hair in that picture?
    can’t be tru that you went away from fire red then you can’t be firecracker any more

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