Tooth Fairy Sighting

In other news, the tooth fairy was spotted in Mesa on April 22nd. That is the day that Savanah Wren MIller finally lost her first tooth. She was eating corn flakes for breakfast and that was it! Her mother was in the morning shower when she burst in the bathroom with excitement!

Mom had to work late that evening and Savanah was already scheduled to stay the night and Nana and Papa’s house, so the tooth fairy had to make the stop there. The tooth fairy had already planned for this event by stopping at the bank for gold dollar coins(which was received with glee and given the immediate title of “Pirate Money”).

For some reason the tooth fairy left a pretty hefty haul this go around. Savanah’s mother believes it is due to the fact that the tooth fairy stopped at a Grandparent’s dwelling. Some how the presence of grandparents causes the tooth fairy to leave extra money. Papa instantly thought that this was very amusing and would set the bar for all tooth fairy visits to come. But under estimating mom skills, this theory was blocked by the “It is probably because it is your first tooth so you got extra” explanation. 


1 Comment

  1. kr said,

    April 27, 2010 at 8:22 PM

    Love that smile.

    Love that the TF showed up at Nana’s hosue. (and as a grandmother of a tooth-looser, the TF missed us completely). The parental units had to help the GC plea bargain with the TF for the lost tooth to still be credited until we can take my car apart to find the tooth that the grandchild lost in the back seat. (down IN the seat. WAY down in the seat).

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