TV Dinners

At the end of a very long day this week, I thought we would swing in the grocery store  on the way home and grab some fried chicken from the deli for dinner. It was late already and we still had chores, homework and personal hygiene to attend to when we finally did arrive home for the evening. Pea Pods perform best when in bed promptly at 8PM. 8:30 is pushing it. 9PM she turns into a monster which in turn transforms me also into a monster.

I stood holding Savanah’s hand staring into the glass case with warming lamps at chicken that looked like it had already reached its half-life.

I said,”Let’s go look for something else. This chicken has  past it’s prime about four hours ago.” The construction worker next to us in line snickered and nodded his head in agreement.

So we trekked down the frozen food aisle, I was heading for frozen pizza but asked suddenly, “Do you want to get a TV dinner?”

Her face lit up, “Yeah! A TV dinner!”

Her eagerness clued me in-maybe I better probe further into this subject. My next question was going to be, “What do you want?” Instead I asked,”Do you know what a TV dinner is?”


At which point the elderly gentleman studying ice cream through the glass chuckled out loud and said, “Oh Boy.”

I shrugged my shoulders and laughed with him thinking ‘Oh man this is going to be such a let down for her.’

As we passed him I said,”I guess that is a good thing. At least I usually cook and feed you well enough that you don’t know what a TV dinner is.”

Ok how do I let her down gently…………..Not only was the frozen spaghetti itself disappointing but so was the term ‘TV Dinner’ which held so much possibility to be something very exciting. At least we brightened the evening of the innocent bystanders at the grocery store.


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  1. Matt said,

    March 16, 2010 at 6:23 PM

    So reading the last blog TV dinners. After laughing my ass off, I firmly believe you are a old soul. You would make a really great actress in a 50’s film. The people at the grocery store had the chance to laugh with you and they are lucky. We all need to laugh a little more so maybe that would ward off some of the myseries of life.

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