The day SOVEWAY died

growing up......


Yesterday we were driving in the truck with Aunt Heather having the discussion to decide as to where we would like to eat for dinner. 

Savanah interjected,” I want to go to Subway.” 

At that moment my heart pained. I let out a low and sad,”Ooohhhhhhh.” Like when you see a cute lost puppy on the side of the road.   Not because I don’t like Subway. But because she used to pronounce it Sov-way and the sudden appearance of Subway means that we have out grown Soveway. That makes me so sad. 

I was more sad the day the frigerfeightor died. I love to get milk out of the frigerfeightor and we had those cool frigerfeightor alphabet magnets. It was so cute. 

And I will never forget the day she put Blue Darling in Uncle Ronnie’s hair. Blue Darling-which I am sure most of you have never heard of………When Savanah was very little her hair was very tangley. Whenever Aunt Heather would do her hair for her, she would put in the leave-in conditioner and while working it through would carry on in her best phoo-phoo accent, “Daahling, today I give you the best do of your life. I make you look so fantastic the other toddlers will be green in their pampers. Darrrrling, you look fantastic, Darling. I give you the special conditioning treatment. Do not tell the other clients, Darling, because I do not do this for everyone. You are my favorite customer, Daaahrling. I make you look so good-everyone want to be you.”…………and so on (It really looses a lot of effect without hearing Heather do it in person, trust me). 

The conditioner just happened to come in a blue bottle. Thus the name Blue Darling. It took us probably a week to figure out what she was talking about when she said she needed Blue Darling. 

So Uncle Ronnie came to visit and of course he had the Blue Darling back story already. Savanah held him hostage in her room for hours on end over the course of a week. Dolls, tea parties and the whole works. 

One day, I came in just in time to see Uncle Ronnie’s hair greased up in the front with barrettes and all. He explained simply that he was getting the Blue Darling Treatment as Savanah ran her hands through the back of his head smiling the whole time. The barrettes were quite becoming I must say. I picked up the white tube on the floor and giggled, “Ronnie, I hate to tell you this, but this is diaper cream.” 

I really liked going to Soveway to eat. I’m going to miss it.

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  1. Aunt Heather said,

    March 1, 2010 at 12:13 PM

    Your post makes one appreciate people in life like Uncle Ronnie. What a wonderful, patient man.

    And I too, will miss eating at Soveway. It always made me think of some seedy out-of-the-way bar where Russian mafia men should be meeting. Much more exciting than sandwiches, let me tell you.

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